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force against us, many of which infringe on that security of property and that personal liberty, which it is alleged we posBut it is not power, it is protection we solicit.

It is not power, including in it the notion of superiority-it is the equal enjoyment of our rights that we claim.

The Corporation tell us that they will not be compelled by any authority whatever, “to abandon that political situation which their forefathers won with their swords, and which they have resolved with their lives and fortunes to maintain." Are we the seditious men that would overawe the Legislature and our fellow-countrymen? No; our views are peaceable, and neither insult nor oppression sball make us forget our loyalty. But wherefore this untimely threat ? It wears the appearance of first urging us to depair by an eternal proscription, and then of throwing down the gauntlet of civil war. We too have lives and fortunes, which we are ready to devote to the service of our country, whenever real danger shall require it; but we will never degrade that last and most solemn act of patriotism into an idle menace and an insolent bravado.

The great question of our emancipation is now afloat, we have never fought to acquire it by force, and we hope for it now only from the wisdom of the Legislature, and affection of our Protestant brethren. But we here solemnly and publicly declare, that we never will, through any change of time or circumstance, save the actual restoration of our rights, desist from the peaceable and lawful pursuit of the two great objects of our hopesthe right of elective franchise, and an equal share in the benefits of the Trial by Jury.


State PRISONERS sent to Fort George by order of George the

Third, in violation of the agreement made by them and others

with the Marquess of Cornwallis. Samuel Neilson T. Cuthbert George Cuming Thomas Russell Roger O'Connor William Dowdall A. O'Connor John Swing

Robert Hunter T. A. Emmett Hugh Wilson Robert Simms W. J. M‘Nevin* Jos. Chambers J. Tennent Nat. Dowling* J. Cormick

Stute Dickson J. Sweetman* Edward Hudson

* Those so marked only were Roman Catholics.

London: Printed by STEWART and MURRAY, Old Bailey.

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