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Wolfe Tone goes from America to France-Urges the invasion of Ire-

land - French forces—their failure Letter to Mr. Grattan, and

despatch of Lord Lieutenant as to loyalty of Catholics—Measures in

Irish Parliament—Military proceedings in 1797–Imprisonments-

Arthur O'Connor arrested -General Lake's proclamation - North of

Ireland under military law — Mr. Grattan's motion negatived -

Excesses of the soldiery-Mr. Fox's motion in British Parliament for

lenient measures towards Ireland-Dr. Duigenan's motion against

Mr. Fox-Arrest of United Irishmen at Belfast-Report of Secret

Committee, May, 1797—Number, arms, finances, and plan of Society

-Its originators described by Dr. M‘Nevin _Trial of United Irish-

men-Curran's speech — Mr. Ponsonby's motion for reform and

emancipation—The Opposition Members secede-Feeling in England

and Ireland as to Mr. Pitt-Meetings and resolutions of the Irish in

defence of their rights The Lord Lieutenant and the soldiery stop

them--Mr. Grattan declines to set up at the general election-

Addresses his constituents—They resolve not to attend the hustings

-He retires from the yeomanry-Goes to Castleconnell for his health

-His letter to his fellow-citizens—Lord Clare attacks Lord Ald.

borough and the leaders of the Opposition-Mr. Grattan defends

them—Mr. Pitt disapproves of Lord Clare's conduct—Letter of Dr.

Haliday to Lord Camden-Mr. Fox and the Bishop of Waterford to

Mr. Grattan--His reply-Letters to Mr. Monck, Mr. M‘Can, and the

Reverend Mr. Berwick

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Mr. Grattan remains at Tinnehinch-Visit by Neilson and the Govern-

ment spy – Mr. Grattan's statement - Conduct of Government-

Reynolds the informer-Lord Edward Fitzgerald — Lord Clonmell

-The Ancient Britons — Lord Dufferin's visit- O'Connor's trial-

Narrative by Mrs. Grattan-Excesses by the Yeomanry and Ancient

Britons-French tutor's escape from hanging—Mr. Grattan arrested in

London-Free quarters at Mrs. Bermingham's—Mrs. Grattan goes to

Wales—Sir Ralph Abercromby resigns the command of the troops in

Ireland-Cruel orders of Sir James Stuart~ Arrest and death of Lord

Edward Fitzgerald-Conduct of Lord Camden-Lady Louisa Conolly

and Lord Clare-Insurrection breaks out 23rd of May-Martial law

proclaimed-Conduct of John Claudius Beresford and Colonel Max-

well (afterwards Lord Farnham)–Proposals of execution and contis-

cation discouraged-Excesses of the military-Burning Maynooth,

Kilcock, Celbridge-Conduct in the county of Wicklow-Sir John

Moore's remarks on the Yeomanry-Various conflicts during the

Insurrection -General Nugent's cruel proclaination—The chieftains

Holt and Dwyer, traits of —Mr. Sheridan's motion in the British

House of Commons on behalf of Ireland-Lord Cornwallis sent to

Ireland-Landing and capture of the French under Humbert—Dr.

Duigenan's pamphlet, attacks Mr. Grattan—The latter proceeds to

Dublin-Narrow escape at Tinnehinch—Letters to Mr. Berwick and

M'Can-Report of Secret Committee of the House of Lords—Neilson

and Hughes' evidence-Difference between the Reports of the Com-

mons and the Lords—Mr. Grattan disfranchised by the corporation

of Dublin-His name struck from the privy council - Letters of

Dowdall and Neilson-Mr. Grattan's letters to Mr. Fox, Mr. Berming-

ham, and Mr. M'Can-Statement by Mr. Grattan submitted to Mr.

(afterwards Lord) Erskine - Opinion of the latter — Mr. Grattan's

letter to the Courier newspaper on his disfranchisement by the Dublin

corporation–Letters of Mr. Berwick and Mr. Fox-Dowdall and

Bird's singular letters to Mr. Grattan-Letters of Mrs. Grattan con-

cerning Mr. Grattan's health--Union proposed in British Parliament

rejected by the Irish House of Commons-Pitt's conduct, shameful

bribery to carry it-Mr. Grattan returns to Ireland




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Mr. Grattan to Mr. M'Can, July, 1790,-Whig Club
Same to Mr. Day, 13th July, 1790,–Invitation

Mr. Day to Mr. Grattan, 15th July, 1790,-Napper Tandy-Lord
Westmoreland's Publication

Mr. Grattan to Mr. M'Can, 11th August, 1790,-Whig Club

Same to Rev. Mr. Berwick, 3rd September, 1790,-Whig Vin-
dication-Lord Clare .

Same to Mr. Day, 24th December, 1790,-Sign Manual 26
Same to Mr. M‘Can, 26th July,—Mr. Pollock and Whig Club 41
Same to Rev. Mr. Berwick, 14th August, 1792,- Burke's

Same to same, 13th October, 1792,-Mr. Hardy-Volunteers. 71
Same to same, 25th October, 1792,—The Roman Catholics 72
Same to Mr. M'Can, 6th November, 1792


to same, 16th November, 1792,- The Roman Catholics. 73

to same, 22nd November, 1792,—The Roman Catholics

Same to same, 7th December, 1792,- Roman Catholics-His

Mr. Dundas to the Roman Catholic Delegates, 19th December, 1792,-
Petition to the King

The Roman Catholic Delegates to Mr. Dundas, 20th December, 1792,-
Petition to the King

Lord Loughborough to Mr. Grattan, 30th January, 1793,-Irish Par-

Same to same, 21st February, 1793, — Irish Parliament-
Roman Catholics

Richard Burke to Mr. Grattan, February 28th, 1793,–Catholic Bill 111
Edmund Burke to Mr. Grattan, March 8th, 1793,-Catholic Bill— Lord

Same .. to same, 3rd September, 1794,-Death of his Son-Irish
Politics- Roman Catholics—Dublin University


Same ..

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