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THIS volume contains the last five Letters of "THE BOROUGH;" and the first eight of the "TALES," originally published in 1812.

Between the close of "THE BOROUGH," and the commencement of the "TALES," the Editor has been induced to insert a few Occasional Pieces, never before printed, which have been recently found among Mr. Crabbe's note-books, or supplied by the kind attention of his friends— and one poem of greater importance, composed in the same measure with "Sir Eustace Grey," and entitled "The World of Dreams." This performance, though it may not, perhaps, have received the last polish which the Author could have given it, appears to the Editor so characteristic of his highest genius, that it could not be omitted without injustice to his memory.

Some Occasional Pieces, composed at a later period, will, in like manner, be for the first


time printed in the next volume of this collection; but the original plan, that of reserving entire for Volume VIII. all the Poems destined by Mr. Crabbe himself for a posthumous publication, has not been departed from.

April 14. 1894.

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