A Voyage Up the River Amazon: Including a Residence at Pará

D. Appleton, 1847 - 256 sider
William H. Edwards (1822-1909) was an American entomologist and naturalist whose work made a significant contribution to scientific study. First published in 1847, this is Edwards' personal account of his famous expedition to the Amazon basin. It relates his voyage from New York, short residence in the city of Pará and exploration of the local jungle. An expert observer, Edwards describes in fascinating detail the animals, plants and geography of the region, communicating his delight at each discovery. Highlights of the volume include vivid depictions of encounters with anacondas and electric eels, exotic fruits and birds, and observations on the customs of the local Portuguese and native populations. Intended for use by both the naturalist and the general reader, this book will captivate anyone interested in the history of travel and exploration, as well as the development of scientific study in the tropics.

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