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Leo the Thirteenth and the Bruno com- Money, a Problem in, 863-881
memoration, 106-108

Reply to, see Bimetallists
-- possible successor to, 821

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Leopard, the Indian, 227–229

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• Critical Period of American History,
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the, 734-735

of the Wolfings,' noticed, 337-341
Liberalism, the New, 186–193

Müller (Professor Max), Lady Tood,
---a Response, see Russell (George 668-680
W. E.)

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the Middle Class and, 710-720 Janet's • L'Automatisme Psychologi-
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In Search of a Religion,

(Colonel), his

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Lloyd (Clifford), see Gordon (the late

National Party, the Neu, 746–753
Locke on the chastisement of children,

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Newman (Cardinal), 346
quoted, 664
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Nicholson (Professor), Mr. Giffa's

Attack on Bimetallists, 1014-1023
a Star, 785-800
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London Fog, in Praise of, 1047–

'BRIEN (Mr.), examination of, be-
Lord (Walter Frewen), The Works of fore the Parnell Commission, 3
Henrik Ibsen, 241-256

Orion, nebula of, 789
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spondance de Talleyrand et de Louis Overtime, 31
XVIII, 998-1000

Ozone, 196-197
Lotteries, 849_851
Louis the Fourteenth, policy of, towards

Germany, 297-301
Louis the Eighteenth, see Talleyrand

PAIN, the Comparative

Insensibility of
Animals to, 622-627
Pallain (M. G.), his Correspondance

de Talleyrand et de Louis XVIII,'

noticed, 998-1000

Pancras (St.), insanitary areas in, 743
seeking in Tenerife and Madeira, Panther, identity of the, with the leo-

pard, 227
The Dreadful Revival of Leprosy, Paris, a Breakfast-party in, 173-185

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Madeira as a health resort, 205–206; see ment, 904-905
also Tenerife

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Manning (Cardinal), 821-822

Parliamentary Franchises, Past and Pre-
Marlborough (Duke of), The New Tories, sent, 942-962

Parliamentary Misrule of our War
Mars (Mlle.), 77-78

Services, 523-544
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Middle class, defection of, from Liberal- witnesses at the, 3-4, 260-261
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Party, nomenclature of, 746-747
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Century of Revolution,' 992–994
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Failure, 435-451

Churchmen, 500-508
Miracles, 482-484

– Reply to, see Jessopp (Rev. Dr.)


MACKENZIE Tenerife ogrel), Idealiha



Persia, the, of the Shah, 160-172

the Awakening of, 1001-1013
Philadelphia, 817
Phænician Afinities of Ithaca, 280-293
Phthisis, sea voyages in cases of, 200-


contagiousness of, 202
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ment, 7
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Poachers, Water, 695-709
Police, insufficiency of the, 458-459
Poor, condition of the, 454

homes of the, 743
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Southern Planter,' noticed, 984-986
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Speculation, or commercial gambling,

Sport in Nepaul, 60-64
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Houses, 651-658
Strike, the recent, 723-727
Stutfield (G. Herbert), Modern Gam-

bling and Gambling Laws, 840–860
Suffrage, Female, the Appeal against :

a Reply, 86-105

Sport in Nepaui, 60-64

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cratic, 734-735

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voyages in the treatment of phthisis,
Religion, in Search of a, 476–491

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Ribblesdale (Lord), The Art of Conver- in, 120-135. See also Air, on Change
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George Ward and the Oxford Move-
Roman Catholicism in America, 801-824 ment,' 343-346
Rome in 1889, 584-601

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Rome, the Bruno celebration at, 106 72-85
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Liberalism: a Response, 492–499

in, 49-59
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Land Problem, 608-621

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Reply to, see Waterford (Marquis Tiger-hunting in Nepal, 60-64

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Russia, stamping out Protestantism in, Tobacco-smoking in Tenerife, 126

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Trades-Unionism, the New, 721-732
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Lhásá, 681-694

Children, 659-667
Santa Cruz, Tenerife, 121, 204

Tuberculosis in cattle, 410-413
Sea voyages for invalids, 198-202

communicability of, from cattle to
Seaside, residence of invalids at the,

man, 414-416
Shah, the Persia of the, 160-172

reception, 1001
Shark, the Indian, 237

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Papers' of, noticed, 333-337



, the, his impressions of his English UNTHigh Churchmen with the, 506–


Unionism, meaning of, 751-752

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People, 561-563

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William the Conqueror, his las ss3
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Mlle. Rachel, 80

Witch-burning in Anhalt in the sexe
Vilaflor, 130

teenth century, 671-673
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Colonies to secede ? 897-911

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Wanteda Gospel for the Century, Wright (Rev. Dr. Charles H.), Stanis

out Protestantism in Russia, 912-934
War Services, Parliamentary Misrule

of our, 523-544
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Ward Wilfrid) bis William George YEDE, Burney), On Change of ser,

noticed, 343-346

Young (Arthur), 1033, 1035

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