The Elements of Plane Trigonometry

D. Appleton and Company, 1878 - 112 sider

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Side 56 - When the given angle is acute, and the side t4>posite the given angle is less than the other given side, and greater than the shortest distance from E to DG, there will be two solutions, DEQ and DEF.
Side 112 - Designed to impart readiness in mental calculations, and extending them to all the operations of business life. Introduces new and beautiful analyses, and is invaluable for teaching quickness of thought.
Side 111 - Advanced Course of Composition and Rhetoric. A Series of Practical Lessons on the Origin, History, and Peculiarities of the English Language, Punctuation, Taste, the Pleasures of the Imagination, Figures, Style, and its Essential Properties, Criticism, and the various departments of Prose and Poetical Composition; illustrated with copious Exercises.
Side 70 - To express the sine and cosine of the sum of two angles in terms of the sines and cosines of the angles themselves.
Side 74 - Express the cosine of the difference of two angles in terms of the sines and cosines of these angles.
Side 87 - A = a ; that, is, the circular measure of any angle, at the centre of a circle whose radius is unity, is equal to the length of the arc subtending that angle.

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