The algebraical equation and problem papers, proposed in the examinations of St. John's college, from 1794, with answers by W. Rotherham


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Side 24 - ... which was moving at the rate of 9 miles in 4 hours. B overtook the same drove of geese at the 45th mile stone, and met the same stage waggon...
Side 9 - The fore wheel of a carriage makes 6 revolutions more than the hind wheel in going 120 yards; but if the periphery of each wheel be increased one yard, it will make only 4 revolutions more than the hind wheel in the same space. Required the circumference of each.
Side 25 - Б less by 1 1 chains than the length of the sewer : the expense of making it amounting to as many pounds per chain, as there were chains in the street leading to A. The sewer however being insufficient to carry off the water, an additional drain was made from a point in this street, distant 4 chains from the bridge A, which entered the river at the same point with the sewer, and was equally inclined to the river and sewer. Now it was found that a drain down the middle of each street, at the rate...
Side 1 - A countryman, being employed by a poulterer to drive a flock of geese and turkeys to London, in order to distinguish his own from any he might meet on the road, pulled 3 feathers out of the...
Side 25 - A packet sailing from Dover with a fair wind, arrives at Calais in two hours ; and on its return the wind being contrary, it proceeds six miles an hour slower than it went. Now when it is...
Side 30 - Two travellers, A and B, set out to meet each other, A leaving the town C at the same time that B left D.
Side 23 - The number of deaths in a besieged garrison amounted to 6 daily ; and allowing for this diminution, their stock of provisions was sufficient to last 8 days. But on the evening of the sixth day, 100 men were killed in a sally, and afterwards the mortality increased to 10 daily. Supposing the...
Side 27 - ... weeks. They were however just enabled to arrive in port, without any diminution in each man's daily allowance of water. Required the time of the passage, and the number of men alive when the vessel reached harbour.
Side 1 - ... feathers exceeded twice those of the geese by 15. Having bought 10 geese and sold 15 turkeys by the way, he was surprised to find, as he drove them into the poulterer's yard, that the number of geese exceeded the number of turkeys in the proportion of 7 to 3.
Side 34 - В are two towns, situated on the bank of a river, which runs at the rate of 4 miles an hour. A Waterman rows from A to B, and back again, and finds that he is 39 minutes longer upon the water than he would have been, had there been no stream. The next day he repeats his voyage with another waterman, with whose assistance he can row half as fast again : and they find that they are only eight minutes longer in performing their voyage than they would have been, had there been no stream.

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