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Τhe fate of my "Εxperiment" was soon decided. Very few ooksellers condescended to let a copy of the unfortunate production "Inain in their shops on sale or return. Some said, they did not άeal in Greek books, some that they did not deal in nειο books, and one even said, that the book was too thin and might be lost.

When I received this disastrous information Ι would willing-ly have renounced printing altogether, but two or three halfsheets of the Ρlutarchus were already worked off; nay, supposing that a book with an Εnglish translation might be more sought after than a work entirely Greek, I had been guilty of the foily of having each time 300 copies taken, and all too on fine paper.

Βut I had still a hope. I had sent copies of the Οrphica to two or three of the Νewspapers and to most of the principal Reviews. Βut more than a year has elapsed ; and no Νewspaper or Review has in the slightest degree condescended to take no

" I know not how this word escaped me. I ought to have said " a reprint."

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