Lloyd's List Law Reports, Volum 17

Lloyd's, 1923
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Side 124 - America shall exercise due diligence to make the said vessel in all respects seaworthy and properly manned, equipped, and supplied, neither the vessel, her owner or owners, agent or charterers, shall become or be held responsible for damage or loss resulting from faults or errors in navigation or in the management of said vessel...
Side 124 - That if the owner of any vessel transporting merchandise or property to or from any port in the United States of America shall exercise due diligence to make the said vessel in all respects seaworthy and properly manned, equipped, and supplied...
Side 182 - Where goods are delivered to the buyer which he has not previously examined, he is not deemed to have accepted them unless and until he has had a reasonable opportunity of examining them for the purpose of ascertaining whether they are in conformity with the contract.
Side 124 - ... by collisions, stranding, or other accidents of navigation of whatsoever kind (even when occasioned by the negligence, default, or error in judgment of the pilot, master, mariners, or other servants of the shipowner not resulting, however, in any case, from want of due diligence by the owners of the ship or any of them, or by the ship's husband or manager...
Side 124 - ... by explosion, bursting of boilers, breakage of shafts, or any latent defect in hull, machinery, or appurtenances...
Side 166 - Act, shall not be deemed to be limited or affected by any public notice; but any such carrier .... may, by special contract, signed by the owner of such property so delivered as last aforesaid or by some person duly authorised in that behalf by such owner, limit his liability in respect of the same.
Side 47 - Sections (a) to (g) in excess of the amounts permitted therein and no other insurance PPI, FIA, or subject to any other like term, is or shall be effected to operate during the currency of this Policy by or for account of the Assured, Owners, Managers or Mortgagees. Provided always that a breach of this warranty shall not afford Underwriters any defence to a claim by a Mortgagee who has accepted this Policy without knowledge of such breach.
Side 240 - Be it known that as well in own name as for and in the name and names of all and every other person or persons to whom the same doth, may, or shall appertain, in part or in all...
Side 124 - Charter is subject to all the terms and provisions of and all the exemptions from liability contained in the Act of Congress of the United States approved on the 13th day of February, 1893, and entitled "An Act relating to Navigation of Vessels, etc.," in respect of all cargo shipped under this charter to or from the United States of America.
Side 324 - ... declaration of war. Such risks are taken by the Admiralty on the ascertained value of the steamer, if she be totally lost, at the time of such loss.

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