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Bradley's Straight-Line Picture

Combining Paper Cutting, Coloring and Con-

Poster Patterns
struction Busy Work

By LULA MAUD CHANCE Boy Blue, Simple Simon, Jack and Jill, Alice of “Wonderland" fame and her friends, The Gryphon, 8210. This poster work provides interesting occuThe Dodo and other characters beloved by children pation lessons through which the child's mind is all with movable arms, legs and heads — are made receiving information while, at the same time, his from these Cut-Outs.

hand and eye are being trained. The posters are

designed to illustrate the subject-matter of Chance's Six Different Sets

"Little Folks in Many Lands," and by their use the No. 8212. Fairy Tale

child becomes familiar with children of many race No. 8213. The Family

types and develops an interest in people of other No. 8214. Alice in Wonderland

countries. Eight plates, sixe 9 x 12, in artistic portNo. 8215. Mother Goose

No. 8216. Toyland.

Price, per set, $0.35; mailing weight, 8 oz.
No. 8300. Playtime Circus
Twelve Cut-Outs to a Set.

Embeco Perception Cards for Number
Price, each set, $0.25; Postage, $0.06.

8290. Made in the form of dominoes. Strong When ordering, state series wanted.

manila cards size 68 x 10 inches; domino dots printed

in dark green ink, one inch in diameter. TwentyBradley's Phonetic Desk Card

four cards, containing all number combinations from 8291. Designed for review work in phonetics. 1 to 10. In a durable box. The teacher can determine at a glance the individual child's knowledge of phonetics by noting the results

Price, per box, $0.60; mailing weight, llb. 3oz of his efforts to make complete words on this card.

Economo Number Builder No. 1
Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz.

8281. Printed on heavy manila tag stock, with large Economo Word Builder No. 1

numerals in bold type. It contains a large quantity 8271. A new, large type word builder. Printed

of numerals from 1 to 10 and supply of mathematical on high-grade tag stock. Extra strong box to with

denominations. Strong box. An exceptionally fine

builder. stand the constant handling and hard usage to which

Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz. the "builder” box is subjected. Contains an extra large quantity of tablets.

Bradley's Number Work for Beginners Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz. 8265. A unique number matching device including

a card on the edge of which square notches are cut, Embeco Sentence Builder

the sections between the notches bearing answers to 8011. A selection of words for expression sentence problems printed on small tablets, which fit into building, printed on heavy manila tablets, in large the notched squares. By reversing the card, the type, with each word duplicated in medial script on pupil has the answer to each problem. the reverse side. When properly put together the

All addition, subtraction, multiplication, division words form the first basal story in Book I, "Progressive and factoring combinations from one to ten, are Road in Reading.”

provided for. Put up in a durable box. Price, per box, $0.15; mailing weight, 6 oz.

Price, $0.20; mailing weight, 5 oz.

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Resolve now to end the danger of permanent cr temporary It will pay you $25 a month for illness that does not confine
loss of income through Sickness, Accident or Quarantine, which you to the house, but keeps you from work.
faces every unprotected teacher.
Every year one out of every six teachers is deprived of all

It will pay operation benefits in addition to other benefits
or part of her income from these causes. Loss of salary, even

after your Policy has been maintained in force for one year.
for a time, means serious inroads on the savings account, and
often real distress.

It will pay you a 20% increase in Sick Benefits for two months

when you are confined in an established hospital.
Start the new year right by joining the thousands of other
teachers who are positively protected by the T. C. U., at a It pays regular indemnities of from $333 to $1500 for major
cost of less than five cents a day.

accidents, or for accidental loss of life. All benefits are doubled
What the T. C. U. Will Do For You

for travel accidents.
It will pay you $50 a month when you are disabled by Sickness As the first step toward making this most important resolu-'
or Accident.

tion, send for our booklet, which explains T. C. U. Protection
It will pay you $50 a month when you are quarantined and in detail and shows you what hundreds of teachers all over the
your salary stopped.

country think of it.
Teachers Casualty Underwriters
428 T. C. U. Building

Lincoln, Nebraska

Some of the Contents are:


The First Flag. Bertha E. Bush
Serving the Country. Dorothy Green
To the Schoolhouse Flag
Little Flags. Alice E. Allen
The Flower Flag. Eleanor Cameron
A Living Flag. M.L. B.
Our Flag. Bertha E. Bush
Flag of Our Hearts. A. E. A.

The Message of the Flag. Barriet Hunting Pierson

Yankee Doodle March. Harriet A. James
The Star Spangled Banner. Harriet Wilbur
The Flag: H. W:
Flag Drill and Salute. Florence M. Miller
Patriotic March and Drill. Rose W. Leiter, A. B.

The Color Brigade. Claire Foster.

The First American Flag. Geoffrey F. Morgan
Making of the First American Flag. Florence M, Miller.
Making a Flag. Bertha E. Bush.
In Betsy Ross's Time. Sara E. Kirk
Motion Picture Dramatization of "Hats Off! Beatrice M.


The Man Without a Country. Alice Cook Fuller

“Single-Handed McAuley.' Florence M. Miller

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