Ceylon: A General Description of the Island and Its Inhabitants, with an Historical Sketch of the Conquest of the Colony by the English

W.H. Allen, 1846 - 287 sider

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Side 238 - It would be in vain for me to attempt to describe the beautiful creature who then appeared before my eyes. More jewels hung about her lovely neck, and were suspended from her ears, or scattered over her tresses, than she had hairs on her head. Her...
Side 222 - Government, the Rights, Privileges and Powers of their respective Offices, and to all classes of the people the safety of their persons and property, with their Civil Rights and immunities, according to the laws, institutions and customs established and in force amongst them.
Side 13 - His favorite residence, however, is in the dark solitudes of deep swamps, covered with a growth of gigantic timber, and here, as soon as evening draws on and mankind retire to rest, he sends forth such sounds as seem scarcely to belong to this world, startling the solitary pilgrim as he slumbers by his forest fire, 'Making night hideous.
Side 276 - Commander-in-Chief in all cases falling under this ninth Article, an unlimited right of review over every proceeding, Civil or Military, had by virtue thereof, and reserving also full power to make such particular provisions conformably to the general spirit of the said Article as may be found necessary to carry its principle into full effect.
Side 276 - His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty.
Side 164 - The Religion of Boodhoo professed by the Chiefs and inhabitants of these Provinces is declared inviolable, and its Rites, Ministers and Places of worship are to be maintained and protected.
Side 271 - ... the last stage of individual depravity and wickedness, the obliteration of every trace of conscience, and the complete extinction of human feeling.
Side 272 - Adikar these assertions are fully substantiated ; in which was exhibited the savage scene of four infant children, the youngest torn from the mother's breast, cruelly butchered, and their heads bruised in a mortar by the hands of their parent ; succeeded by the execution of the woman herself and three females more, whose limbs being bound, and a heavy stone tied round the neck of each, they were thrown into a lake and drowned.

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