Origin of M. Sabouroff's letter-Mode of reckoning property

Whence derived-Rights of the serfs~ Their customary privi-
leges—Their appellation-Character of the peasant-His habits
of life--His conduct to the priest-Anecdote-Description of
an estate-System of cultivation-Allotments to peasants-
Nature of produce—Mode of using the straw-Oxen used for
transporting goods — Whence imported — Distempers which
they introduce - Difficulty of naturalizing foreign breeds-
Success of Merino sheep-Horses ; belonging to the nobles-
Pains bestowed in breeding—Peasant's horse utterly neglected

- Breed deteriorated—Why-Prospect of improvement-Pea.
sants' live-stock--His improvidence in abundant years.-An-
nual course of husbandry— Produce of the land, per Russian

Occasional superabundance of produce — Reasons for




Arrival at Petersburg-Account of voyage- Proceedings of Cus

tom-house officers at Cronstadt and Petersburg-Passport regulations.

St. Petersburg, June 22nd, 1837. I LOSE no time in sending you, according to promise, an account of our safe arrival here, which took place yesterday, after a pleasant and prosperous voyage

of a week.

We sailed from London on Wednesday morning, the 14th, in the Countess of Lonsdale, for Hamburg, which we reached on Friday; and proceeding by land to Traavemunde, the port of the Baltic packets, ten or twelve miles from Lubeck, we sailed in the Naslednik, steamer, for Petersburg at three o'clock on Saturday afternoon. By nine o'clock on Monday night we were in the Gulf of Finland, the following morning we were off Revel;


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