Brand: A Dramatic Poem in Five Acts

Charles Scribners Sons, 1894 - 288 pagina's
When twelve-year-old Beth finds she has wrongly accused a boy of stealing their Christmas tree ornaments, she tries to clear his name by finding the real thief.

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Pagina 26 - Flesh it climb'd to God. Now but in shreds and scraps is dealt The Spirit we have faintly felt ; But from these scraps and from these shreds, These headless hands and handless heads, These torso-stumps of soul and thought, A Man complete and whole shall grow, And God His glorious child shall know, His heir, the Adam that He wrought
Pagina 22 - The Bacchant's clear, defined, complete, The sot, his sordid counterfeit; Silenus charms; but all his graces The drunkard's parody debases. Traverse the land from beach to beach, Try every man in heart and soul, You'll find he has no virtue whole, But just a little grain of each.
Pagina 194 - THE SCHOOLMASTER. We cannot fitly condescend To smirch ourselves in human slime. Let no man, says the Parson, dare To be two things at the same time; And, with the best will, no one can Be an official and a man; Our part in all things is, to swear By our great exemplar — the Mayor. THE SEXTON. Why just by him ? THE SCHOOLMASTER. Do you recall The fire that wreck'd his house, and yet The deeds were rescued, one and all ? THE SEXTON.
Pagina 37 - Which wildest reel, which blindest grope, Which furthest roam from home and hope : — Light-heart who, crown'd with leafage gay, Loves by the dizziest verge to play, — Faint-heart, who marches slack and slow, Because old Wont will have it so ; — Wild-heart, who, borne on lawless wings, Sees fairness in the foulest things ? War front and rear, war high and low, With this fell triple-banded foe ! I...
Pagina 275 - Tenfold vaster at his fall Grew the tent of Heaven above ! See him tumble ; see him sprawl — ! Ah, I will not shudder more ; He is white, see, as a dove — ! [Shrieks in terror.] Hu, the horrible thunder-roar! [Throws herself down in the snow. BRAND. [Crouches under the descending avalanche, and, looking up, speaks.] God, I plunge into death's night, — Shall they wholly miss thy Light Who unto man's utmost might Will'd— ? [The avalanche buries him; the whole valley is swallowed up. A VOICE....
Pagina 26 - Nothing that's new do I demand; For Everlasting Right I stand. It is not for a Church I cry, It is not dogmas I defend; Day dawn'd on both, and, possibly, Day may on both of them descend. What's made has "finis" for its brand; Of moth and worm it feels the flaw, And then, by nature and by law, Is for an embryo thrust aside. But there is one that shall abide; — The Spirit, that was never born, That in the world's fresh gladsome Morn Was rescued when it seem'd forlorn, That built with valiant faith...

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