Chemistry applied to dyeing

Henry Carey Baird, 1853 - 453 sider

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Side 17 - Visits to Remarkable Places : Old Halls, Battle-Fields, and Scenes illustrative of Striking Passages in English History and Poetry. By WILLIAM HOWITT. 2 vols. square crown 8vo. with Wood Engravings, 25s. The Rural Life of England.
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Side 11 - LESLIE. — Complete Cookery: Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches. By Miss LESLIE. Sixtieth thousand.
Side 4 - AMERICAN MILLER AND MILLWRIGHT'S ASSISTANT: By WILLIAM CARTER HUGHES, Editor of " The American Miller," (newspaper,) Buffalo, NY Illustrated by Drawings of the most approved Machinery. In One Volume, 12mo $1 The author offers it as a substantial reference, instead of speculative theories, which belong only to those not immediately attached to the business. Special notice is also given of most of the essential improvements which have of late been introduced for the benefit of the Miller.
Side 5 - Builder's Pocket Companion: Containing the Elements of Building, Surveying, and Architecture; with Practical Rules and Instructions connected with the subject. By AC SMEATON, Civil Engineer, etc. In one volume, 12mo.
Side 2 - This edition of Scott's Cotton-Spinner, by Oliver Byrne, is designed for the American Operative. It will be found intensely practical, and will be of the greatest possible value to the Manager, Overseer, and Workman.
Side 8 - Encyclopaedia of Chemistry, Practical and Theoretical : Embracing its application to the Arts, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Geology, Medicine and Pharmacy. , By JAMES C. BOOTH, Melter and Refiner in the United States Mint, Professor of Applied Chemistry in the Franklin Institute, etc., assisted by CAMPBELL MORFIT, author of " Chemical Manipulations,
Side 5 - Gilder and Varnisher's Companion; Containing Rules and Regulations in everything relating to the Arts of Painting, Gilding, Varnishing and Glass Staining ; with numerous useful and valuable Receipts ; Tests for the detection of Adulterations in Oils and Colors ; and a statement of the Diseases and Accidents to which Painters, Gilders and Varnishers are particularly liable, with the simplest methods of Prevention and Remedy.
Side 4 - Turner's (The) Companion : Containing Instructions in Concentric, Elliptic, and Eccentric Turning: also various Plates of Chucks, Tools, and Instruments ; and Directions for using the Eccentric Cutter, Drill, Vertical Cutter, and Circular Itest ; with Patterns and Instructions for working them.
Side 15 - Volume, royal 8vo. (In press.) THE POETS AND POETRY OF THE ANCIENTS: By WILLIAM PETER, AM Comprising Translations and Specimens of the Poets of Greece and Rome, with an elegant engraved View of the Coliseum at Rome. Bound in cloth $3 Cloth extra, gilt edges $3.50 Turkey morocco super extra ..» $5 It is without fear that we say that no such excellent or complete collection has ever been made.

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