want for my body, and in my Saviour all I need for my soul." Poor girl, she was in a deep decline, and could scarcely find breath to speak; but a very few words showed me that this was indeed a pure Christian light shining in a dark place. She guessed my thoughts, and told me that she had only been at home for a week--that she had passed her life in service from a very early age, “and by God's mercy I have lived with two kind good ladies, who took great pains with me, and taught me where to seek for the strength and comfort I have found, and which support me now. Oh, how thankful I feel to God and them!”

I went home with a lesson deeply imprinted on my heart. Could any servant of mine thus bless me in her dying hour? We had indeed had family prayers regularly each morning; but had I ever taken “great pains " with any one servant in our house? Had any one of them ever learnt from me where to seek strength to keep them in the temptations of life, and comfort in the sorrows of death ? I trust this example may speak to others with the force it spoke to me. We cannot do much; but let us each do all we can, remembering that each young girl who enters our service, is for a time one of our family, and as such should have the wants of her undying soul cared for, as well as those of her body. If the latter were neglected, none would remain in our service. To the former she must have her attention aroused, or we shall not perform our duty towards her.

Need I say that what is true in regard to young women, is equally true of young men. To the masters of families I do not presume to address myself, further than to implore them to remember that the young men who fill their stables, and many departments in their families, are exposed to still greater temptation; and have generally, in their boyhood, been still more neglected in their Christian education.

I would also add a few words


Dear Friends, I have taken great pains that, in this book, there should be very few hard words ; but I beg you to think while you read it, that even to know what is said in the Bible is not enough. You must pray for the help of God's Holy Spirit to teach you, and that by it He would change your hearts, and then the truths in the Holy Bible will be to your souls what food is to your bodies. You often lay wood ready for a fire in your cottage grates, and you know that, till you bring a light to it, it will not burn. Just so it is with the words of the Bible. You may know them all; but, unless the Spirit of God comes into your hearts, they will have no power to lighten and to warm you. Pray then that the teaching of the Holy Spirit may be given you, and you will be heard. Luke xi. 13.

You will find it a very great help if, after having read over each number, you ask yourselves the questions belonging to it, which you will find at the end of the book, and look for the answers in it verse by verse. That God in His goodness may bless this work, so that it may be a help to you, is my earnest prayer.

C. M. W.

Courteen Hall,

May, 1849.

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