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W. and J. Mount, 1761 - 528 sider

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Side 4 - In any plane triangle, the sum of tfte two sides containing either angle, is to their difference, as the tangent of half the sum of the other two angles, to the tangent of half their difference.
Side 189 - Multiply the moon's age by 4, and divide the product by 5 ; the quotient...
Side 4 - Then as the sum of the sides is to their difference, so is the tangent of half the sum of the unknown angles to the tangent of half their difference (Theor.
Side 4 - ... the sum of the segments of the base is to the sum of the sides as the difference of the sides to the difference of the segments of the base.
Side 235 - ... of the opposite parts. All of the ten formulas just listed can easily be derived from these rules. Oblique Spherical Triangles.— Formulas for the solution of oblique spherical triangles are developed from those for right spherical triangles. The law of sines states that in any spherical triangle the sines of the sides are proportional to the sines of their opposite angles: sin a sin b sin с...
Side 1 - Circumference of every Circle is fuppofed to be Divided into 360 equal Parts called Degrees, and each Degree...
Side 28 - Then radius : log. 179-3 :: s. 8° 31' : log. ofi6'5i; which doubled is the diftance between Edyftone and Lizard 53-04 miles. For the other two, there are 2 fides, and an angle oppofite to one of them, given, to find the other fide.
Side 236 - Day, fubtradt the Complement of the Sun's Altitude, noting the half Sum, and the Remainder. 3. Then to find the Sun's Azimuth, it's thus ; to the Complement Arithmetic of the Sines of the Complement of the Latitude, and Complement of the Sun's Altitude, add the Sines of the aforefaid...
Side 235 - Perpendicular, let it fall from the End of a given Side, and oppofite to a given Angle...
Side 236 - The Tangents of the Bafes are proportional to the Tangents of the Angle at the Vertex.

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