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Geometrical, Trigonometrical, Arithmetical,
Instrumental, and Pračfical


How to keep a Reckoning, both in Latitude and
Longitude, without TAB L e s or INst R U M E N T s, by
a NEW METHOD never yet Published: Illustrated
with Pračtical Examples of keeping a Jo U R N A L,
and correcting it by an Observation; with a New Way
of finding the Wariation, and Time of High-Water at
any known Port.

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All Necessary TABLEs, calculated to the New Stile, and
the Projection of the Sphere Orthographick and Stereographick.
Also Current Sailing, with other Pleasant Questions, and how
to Correčt the Longitude by a Solar Observation.

The EIGHT H E D IT ION, with the Addition
of Spherical Trigonometry, and Astronomy.

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Printed for W. and J. Mo UNT, T. PA G E and Son
on Tower-Hill, M.DCC.LXI.

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** a Loss to approach your § Lordship with #, D E 61CATI O W, if I had not first had the Honour immediately to Serve your Honourable Father Admiral Byng, in the Quality of Mathematician, aboard of His Majesty's Ship the Barfluer, in the Mediterranean ; I at A 2 the the same Time having the Honour to


attend and ass; your Lordship in your Mathematical Studies Aboard of the

said Ship, and his Lordship after his return to England, being pleased to Accept and Approve of a Dedication of this Book of Navigation: I humbly crave Leave to do myself the additional Honour, to make an humble Offering of the fifth Impression to the Patronage of your Lordship, and to continue it under the same Moble Family and Title, where it has been so much encouraged, and beg Leave to be allowed the Honour

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33.3% H E general Approbation that this :*: Book has meet with, both in the §: T Navy and amongst Merchant Ships, Żołoś hath encouraged the Bookseller, not % & only to print a large Number, but also to be at the Charge of the Addition of Spherical Trigonometry, Astronomy, &c. and engraving all the Cuts upon Copper-Plates, with

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