The History of Canada Under French Régime. 1535-1763: With Maps, Plans, and Illustrative Notes

Dawson brothers, 1872 - 521 sider

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Side 508 - King cedes and makes over the whole to the said King and to the Crown of Great Britain, and that in the most ample manner and form...
Side 491 - Levi, and the troops will land where the French seem least to expect it. The first body that gets on shore is to march directly to the enemy, and drive them from any little post they may occupy. The officers must be careful that the succeeding bodies do not, by any mistake, fire upon those who go on before them.
Side 509 - His Britannic Majesty, on his side, agrees to grant the liberty of the Catholic religion to the inhabitants of Canada ; he will, consequently, give the most precise and most effectual orders that his new Roman Catholic subjects may profess the worship of their religion, according to the rites of the Romish Church, as far as the laws of Great Britain permit.
Side 483 - King may have liberty to remove themselves within a year to any other place, as they shall think fit, together with all their moveable effects. But those who are willing to remain there, and to be subject to the kingdom of Great Britain, are to enjoy the free exercise of their religion, according to the usage of the Church of Rome, as far as the laws of Great Britain do allow the same.
Side 508 - Lawrence, and in general, every thing that depends on the said countries, lands, islands, and coasts, with the sovereignty, property, possession, and all rights acquired by treaty, or otherwise, which the Most Christian King and the Crown of France have had till now over the said countries, lands, islands...
Side 397 - I found myself so ill, and am still so weak, that I begged the general officers to consult together for the public utility.
Side 512 - As soon as Mr. Pitt took the helm, the steadiness of the hand that held it was instantly felt in every motion of the vessel. There was no more of wavering counsels, of torpid inaction, of listless expectancy, of abject despondency.
Side 508 - Majesty, in full right, Canada, with all its dependencies, as well as the Island of Cape Breton, and all the other islands and coasts in the Gulf and River of St. Lawrence...
Side 503 - Generals shall give safe-guards to such persons as shall desire them, as well in the town as in the country.— "The first part refused.
Side 505 - Granted, as to the free exercise of their religion; the "obligation of paying the tithes to the priests will depend on the King's "pleasure.

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