Curiosities of Great Britain: England & Wales Delineated, Historical, Entertaining & Commercial. Alphabetically Arranged, Volum 1

L. Tallis, 3, Jewin Street, City. - 1586 sider

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Side 6 - A personage thus spoken of by biographers and historians loses little of his mystical fame in vulgar tradition. Accordingly, the memory of Sir Michael Scott survives in many a legend ; and in the south of Scotland, any work of great labour and antiquity is ascribed, either to the agency of Auld Michael, of Sir William Wallace, or of the devil.
Side 145 - Give ample room and verge enough The characters of hell to trace. Mark the year and mark the night When Severn shall re-echo with affright The shrieks of death through Berkeley's roof that ring, Shrieks of an agonizing king...
Side 38 - Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts : Hosanna in the highest; holy, holy is the Lord God of Israel...
Side 152 - is through a thick wood, extending along the slope of a range of hills that entirely intercept any prospect to the south : on the opposite side is a steep rocky ridge, covered with oak, so that the ruins are shut into a beautiful valley. The great gate, with the walls of the south front, the north wing of the court, or quadrangle...
Side 93 - It is eighteen feet high, and forty feet long by twenty feet wide. The mouldings and ornaments were in the most superb fashion of its age, but the whole was falling to pieces, from the effects of the dry-rot. My attention was chiefly attracted by the faded cloth-hanging of the room, whose .red colour once set off the famous portraits of the club that hung around it. Their marks and sizes were still visible, and their numbers and names remained as written in chalk, for the guidance of the hangers.
Side 147 - His investigations concerning the cow-pox were commenced about the year 1776, when his attention was excited by the circumstance of finding that some individuals, to whom he attempted to communicate the small-pox by inoculation, were not susceptible of the disease; and, on inquiry, he found that all such patients, though they had never had the small-pox, had undergone the casual cow-pox, a disease common among the farmers and dairy-servants in Gloucestershire, who had some idea of its preventive...
Side 110 - That tongue which set the table in a roar, And charm'd the public ear, is heard no more : Closed are those eyes, the harbingers of wit, Which spake, before the tongue, what Shakspeare writ ; Cold is that hand, which living was stretch' d forth, At friendship's call to succour modest worth.
Side 93 - South, and Dryden, and with many hereditary nobles, remembered only because they were patrons of those natural nobles ; I read their names aloud ; I invoked their departed spirits; I was appalled by the echo of my own voice. The holes in the floor, the forests of cobwebs in the windows, and a swallow's nest in the corner of the ceiling, proclaimed that I was viewing a vision of the dreamers of a past age : that I saw realised before me the speaking vanities of the anxious career of man!
Side 147 - ... rendering all who passed through it secure from the small-pox. He made known his discovery to some medical friends, and in the month of July, 1796, Mr. Cline, surgeon to St. Thomas's Hospital, introduced vaccination into the metropolis.
Side 146 - He had already obtained the reputation of an ingenious practitioner, and a man of talent and science, when he made known to the world the very important discovery which has raised him to an enviable situation among the benefactors of the human race. His investigations concerning the cow-pox were commenced about the year 1776, when...

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