4815 BIBLIA LATINA VULGATA, a very fine copy, 2 vols. folio,

in red morocco, gilt leaves, silk insides, 421.
Printed by Gering, Crantz, and Friburger, Paris, 1475

This copy appears, by a memorandum at the end of the second volume, signed by Fred. Lord Fairfax, to have belonged to Sir George

Fairfax, and to have been given by him to Sir Tho. Fairfax. 4816 Biblia Hebraica, cum interp. Pagnini, accesserunt libri Apo

cryphi et Nov. Test. Græcum, cum Vulgatâ interp. studio

B. A. Montani, folio, neat, 21. 12s. 6d. Ant. Plantin, 1584 4817 Biblia Hebraica, secundùm editionem Athiæ, recensita variisque

notis illustrata ab Ever. Vanderhooght, Amst. 1705 ; Novum Test. Gr. edidit Leusden, 1693; in 1 vol. 8vo,

21. 10s. 4818 Biblia Sacra, ex Vers. LXX. ex ed. Grabii exemplaris Vaticani

aliorumque MSS. lectionibus variis nec non Dissert. illust. ed. Breitinger, 4 vols. 4to, fine copy, old calf gilt, 41. 8s.

Tiguri, 1730-2 4818* Biblia Sacra Vulgatæ editionis, Sixti V. jussu recognita atque edita, 8vo, vellum, 9s.

Ant. Plantin. 1619 4819 Biblia Latina. Quid in hâc editione præstitum, vide in eâ quam operi præposuimus ad lectorem Epistolâ, 8vo, 8s.

Lut. R. Stephani, 1545 4819* Bible, with Marginal References, Common Prayer, and Index, in 1 vol. 4to, neat, 18s.

Oxford, Baskett, 1747 4820 with Marginal References, thin 4to, fine type, Cambridge,

Field, 1668 ;-Common Prayer, ib. 1666; in 1 vol. remarkably fine copy, old red morocco, richly gilt, silk insides,

41. 4s. 4821 Ainsworth (H.), Communion des Saincts, un traicté de la Société

que les fidèles ont avec Dieu et ses Anges, et l'un avec l'autre en ceste vie présente, 18mo, neat, scarce, 4s. Amst. 4822 Allatii (Leo.) de Nilis et eorum Scriptis Diatriba, cum Animad. J. A. Fabricii, 4to, vellum, 6s.

Hamb. 4823 de Libris et Rebus Ecclesiasticis Græcorum Dissert. et obs. variæ, 4to, 6s.

Paris. 1646 4824 Allen's (R.) Vindiciæ Pietatis; or, a Vindication of Godliness, small 8vo, scarce, 5s.

Lond. 1663

4825 Amama (Sixt.) Antibarbarus Biblicus, Lib. IV. auctus quorum

primus ostendit VII. Fontes omnis barbarici q. sup. sæc. sacr. lit. fædaret, reliqui exhib. error. q. circa partic. loc. interpr. ex istis font. emanarunt, &c. 4to, vellum, 8s.

Franeg. 1656 4826 Angeli (Ch.) Enchiridium de Statu Hodiernorum Græcorum,

cum vers. Lat. et annotat nibus curâ Fehlavii, 4to, 7s. Lips. 4827 Anselmi (S.) Opera, et Eadmeri (Mon. Cant.) Historia, studio

Gerberon, editio Benedictina, fol. neat, 11. 16s. Paris. 1675 4828 Articles, Canons, Injunctions, &c. concerning Ecclesiastical Matters, somewhereof are to be read in Churches, 8vo, 3s.6d.

1699 4829 Augustini (S.) Manuale in communem Græcoruin linguam

conversum à Neophyto Rhodino Cyprio, Rom. 1657 ; Odnayice twy Apealetwawy, Rom. 1628 ; in 1 vol. 12mo, vellum

neat, 5s. 4830 Aurelio, libro Aureo de la Vida y Cartas de Marco, 18mo, very neat, 4s. 6d.

Amberes, 1604 4831 Baptism.—Tombes's Two Treatises, and an Appendix to them,

concerning Infant Baptism, 1646; Apology, or Plea, for the Two Treatises, 1646; Examen of the Sermon of S. Marshal about Infant Baptism, 1645; Blackwood's Storming of Antichrist, 1644; Capt. Hobson's Fallacy of Infant Baptism, 1645; and various other Tracts on the same subject, by Allen, Richardson, Spilsbery, Cornwell, Cox, Knolles, Kiffin, Garner, Tombes, &c. &c. in 3 vols. 4to, 11. 4s.

1646, &c. 4832 Barclay's (Rob.) Apology for the True Christian Divinity, as held forth by the Quakers, 4to, 4s.

1678 4833 Barrow's (Dr. I.) Theological Works, new edition, with additions, 8 vols. 8vo, fine port. calf neat, 5l. ; boards, 31. 16s.

Oxford Univ. Press, 1830 4834 Bates's (Julius) Essay on the Third Chap. of Genesis; Faith

of the Ancient Jews and Evidence of the Types vindicated ; Micah, v. 2. and Matthew, xi. 16. reconciled, &c. &c. ; in 1 vol. 8vo, neat, scarce, 5s.6d.

1740-9 4835 Bennet's (Benj.) Christian Oratory; or, the Devotion of the Closet displayed, 8vo, calf neat, 8s. 6d.

1760 4836 Bibliotheca Scriptorum Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ; or, a Collection

of Tracts relating to the Government and Authority of the Church, 8vo, 5s.

1709 4837 Buddei (J. F.) Isagoge Historico-Theologica ad Theologiam

universam singulas que ejus partes, novis supplementis auctior, 2 vols, 4to, neat, 18s.

Lips. 1730 4838 Institutiones Theologiæ Dogmaticæ, variis observationibus illustratæ, 2 vols. 4to, neat, 16s.

Franeg. 1741 4839 Burgess's (Ant.) Spiritual Repining, Part II.; or, a Treatise of Sinne, 4to, neat, 5s.6d.


4840 Burroughs' (Jer.) Moses his Self-Denyall, in a Treatise on Heb. xi. 24. 12mo, scarce, 4s. 6d.

1649 4841 Moses his Choice, delivered in a Treatise on Heb. xi. 25, 26, 4to, neat, scarce, 8s. 6d.

1660 4841*Busfield's (Dr.) Sermons, 8vo, 6s.

1819 4842 Butler's (Bp.) Fifteen Sermons at the Rolls Chapel, 8vo, bds. 28. 6d.

1774 4842*Calasii (M. de) Concordantiæ Bibliorum Hebraicorum, edente

G. Romaine, 4 vols. folio, fine copy, calf, 81. 8s. Lond. 1747 4843 Calvini (Johan.) in XX. prima Ezechielis Prophetæ capita Præ

lectiones, cum præfat. Th. Bezæ, 8vo, 8s. Geneve, 1565 4844 Calvine's (John) Thirteene Sermons, entreating of the free

election of God in Jacob, and of reprobation in Esau, with an answeare to certaine slaunders and blasphemyes wherewith certaine evil-disposed persons have gone about to bring the doctrine of God's everlasting predestination into hatred, in 1 vol. 4to, very fine copy, in the original vellum wrapper, 11. lls. 6d.

1579 4844*Carr's (Geo.) Sermons, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 10s. Edin. 1782 4845 Cartwright's (Thos.) Confutation of the Rhemists' Translation,

Glosses, and Annotations on the New Testament, so farre as they containe manifest Impieties, Heresies, &c. &c. rough calf, neat, 18s.

1618 4846 Christian Knowledge (Account of the Society for Promoting),

1745; --Sermon before them by the Bishop of Bristol,

1745; and several other Sermons; in 1 vol. 4to, 3s. 4847 Chrysostomi (Johan.) Ennarationes Pauli Epistolarum, small 8vo, 5s.

Ant. 1556 4848 Clarendon's (Lord) History of the Rebellion, 6 vols. royal 8vo, neat, ll. 4s.

Oxon. 1707 4848*Clergyman's Instructor; or, a Collection of Tracts on the Ministerial Duties, 8vo, half-bound, neat, 6s. 6d.

Oxford, 1807 4849 Columnensis Familiæ Nobillissimæ S. R. E. Cardinalium

ad vivum expressæ imagines, 4to, 20 ports. 7s. Rome, 1650 4850 Continuation and Vindication of Stillingfleet's Unreasonable

ness of Separation, in answer to Baxter, &c. 8vo, 3s. 1682 4851 Cotelerii (J. B.) Patres Apostolici, sive Barnabæ, Clementis

Romani, Hermæ, Ignatii, et Polycarpi Opera, cum Notis

var, ex recens. Clerici, 2 vols. folio, vel. 41. 18s. Ant. 1698 4852 Courayer (la Dissertation du P. le) sur la Succession des

Evesques Anglois, et sur la Validité de leurs Ordinations, réfutée par le Père Hardouin, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo, vellum, neat, 9s.

Par. 1724 4853 Cradock's (Sam.) Knowledge and Practice; or, a plain Dis

course of the chief Things necessary to be known, believed, and practised, in order to Salvation, 4to, neat, scarce, 10s. 6d.


4854 Crisp (Stephen), Memorable Account of the Christian Expe

rience, Gospel Labours, Travels, and Sufferings of, 4to, neat, scarce, 10s. 6d.

1694 4855 Cruden's (A.) Concordance to the Scriptures, 4to, neat, 16s.

1738 4856 Del Rio Adagialia Sacra Vet. et Nov. Test. 4to, vellum, 6s.

Lugd. 1612 4857 Derham's (W.) Astro and Physico-Theology, 2 vols. 8vo, fine copies, neat and uniform, 98.

1767-8 4858 Dionysii (S.) Areopagitæ Opera, Gr. et Lat., cum Scholiis

Maximi et Paraph. Pachymeræ, operâ et studio P. Lanssellii, folio, neat, 11. 8s.

Lut. Par. 1615 4859 Dodd (W.) on the Miracles and Parables, 4 vols. 8vo, best edition, neat, 1l. 10s.

1757 4860 Dupin's New History of Ecclesiastical Writers; containing an

Account of their Lives and Writings for the first Seventeen

Centuries, 12 vols. folio, neat, 41. 14s. 6d. 1692-1725 4861 Edwards's (Jon.) Preservative against Socinianism, 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to, 4s. 6d.

Oxon. 1693 4862 Ellis's (John) Knowledge of Divine Things from Revelation,

not from Reason and Nature, 8vo, very neat, 7s. 1746 4863 Field (Rich.) of the Church, Five Bookes, 2 vols. 4to, neat, 12s.

1606-10 4864 Flavel (J.) on the Occasions, Causes, Nature, Growth, &c. of Mental Errors, 8vo, neat, 5s.

1791 4865 Flud (Robt.) Philosophia Moysaica, folio, plates, vellum, 6s.

Gouda, 1638 4866 Forbes's (Duncan) Works, 2 vols. small 8vo, neat, 6s.

Edin. 4867 Fown's (Rich.) Trisagion; or, the Three Holy Offices of Jesus Christ, Priestly, Propheticall, and Regall

, how they ought to be received of all his Church, 4to, 9s. 1618 4868 Free Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Evil, 12mo, neat, 3s.

1758 4869 Gale's (Theoph.) Theophilie; or, a Discourse of the Saints' Amitie with God in Christ, small 8vo, neat, scarce, 6s. 6d.

1671 4870 Geddes's (Mich.) Miscellaneous Tracts, and Tracts on Popery, 4 vols. 8vo, calf, neat und uniform, 16s.

1714-15 4871 Gerard's (Alex.) Pastoral Care, 8vo, calf neat, 7s.; boards, 6s.

1799 4872 Gill's (W.) Complete Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divi

nity; or, a System of Evangelical Truths deduced from the Holy Scriptures, 3 vols. royal 8vo, half-bound, very neat, 11. 16s.

1796 4873 Goldney's (Edw.) Friendly Epistles to Deists and Jews, 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 5s.

1761 4874 Divine Recipes for Man to enjoy Life comfortable on Earth, and to be qualified for Heaven, 8vo, 2s. 6d.


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4875 Guyse's (J.) Standing Use of the Scripture, in Sermons on

Rom. xv. 4, and Col. iii. 16, 8vo, neat, 4s. 6d. 1724 4876 Hale's (of Eton) Golden Remaines, with Letters and Ex

presses concerning the Synod of Dort, not before printed, 4to, front. 6s. 6d.

1678 4877 Hall's (Bp.) Whole Works, by Pratt, 10 vols. 8vo, boards, 51.

1808 4878 Hammond's (Dr. H.) Assertion of the Existence and Duration of Hell Torments, 18mo, neat, 3s.

Oxford, 1665 4879 Practical Catechism, 1649; Of the Power of the

Keyes, or of Binding and Loosing, 1647; in 1 vol. 4to,

neat, 5s. 4880 Haweis's (Thos.) Evangelical Expositor; or, Commentary on the Holy Bible, 2 vols. folio, neat, 21. 10s.

1765 4881 Hemmingii (Nic.) Commentarius in Evang. Joannem, folio, 9s.

Basil. 1691 4882 Hickes's (Geo.) Gentleman instructed in the Conduct of a virtuous and happy Life, 8vo, fine copy, 5s.

1738 4883 Hickes's Letters between him and a Popish Priest, on

occasion of a young Gentlewoman's departing from the Church of England to that of Rome, with Elstob's Office of Devotion of the Anglo-Saxon Church, Saxon and Eng

lish, with Notes, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, neat, 12s. 1710-15 4884 Hickeringill's (Edm.) Naked Truth, with Vindication ;

Scandalum Magnatum; or, Account of his Trial with the
Bishop of London; -- Test or Tryal of the Goodness and
Value of Spiritual Courts ; - and other Tracts; in 1 vol.
folio, curious, 9s.

1682-3 4885 Hobbes' (Thos.) Leviathan; or, the Matter, Forme, and

Power, of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiasticall and Civill, fol. front. neat, 10s. 6d.

1651 4886 Holkoth (Rob.) in Librum Sapientiæ Regis Salomonis Præl. CCXIII., fol. 9s.

1686 4887 Holloway's (Benj.) Primevity and Pre-eminence of the Sacred

Hebrew over the Arabic, &c., in answer to Hunt, 8vo, sd. 2s. 6d.

Oxf. 1754 4888 Originals, Physical and Theological, Sacred and Profane, 2 vols. 8vo (presentation copy), calf, gilt leaves, 12s.

Ib. 1751 4889 Hopkin's (Bp.) Works, fol. port, neat, 1l. 8s.

1710 4890 Howard's (Leon.) Newest Week's Preparation for Receiving

the Lord's Supper; with the Newest Manual of Private Devotions, in 1 vol. 12mo, neat, 4s. 6d.

1745 4890* Innocentis III. Epistolæ, accedunt Gesta ejusdem Innocentis

et Collectio Decretalium, edidit Baluzius, 2 vols. folio, vellum, 11. 16s.

Par. 1682 4891 Ittigii Bibliotheca Patrum Apostol. quâ cont. Clementis

Alex. et Roman., Ignatii, Polycarpi Epistol. Gr. et Lat., præm. est Dissert. de Patribus Apostolicis, sm. 8vo, vell. 8s.

Lips. 1699

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