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SECTION. Vaults for burial........

142 persons in charge of, to register.

143 “ Vegetable,” meaning of.....

6 Vegetables not sound and fresh.

29 Vegetables, unsound, to be reported. ...

40 decayed and unwholesome, not to be kept or brought into city or offered for sale therein.

34 false label or statement as to..

37 unsound, mode of dealing with.

42 Vegetable matter, putrid, not to be thrown into the streets, etc.

84 Vessels, removals from and unloading of..

130-136 reports of officers, owners, and consignees of.

125, 128-130 physicians on, to report..

128 removal of sick from.

133-135 from Quarantine..

132, 134 nothing to be cast from..

136 not to unload skins, rags, hides, etc., without permit..

131 not to go to offal docks...

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Yarding cattle, sheep, horses, etc.
Yellow fever...


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