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At a meeting of the Board or Health OT TIL IILALTII DEPARTMENT OF THE City or New YORK, held at 301 Mott street, on the eighteenth day of May, A. D. 1870.

Present: Ilon. Joseph S. Bosworth, IIenry Smith, Matthew T. Brennan, Benjamin F. Manierre, Police Commissioners of the City of New York; John M. Carnochan, Health Officer of the Port; Stephen Smith, M. D., Giovanni Ceccarini, M. D., Magnus Gross, John Mullaly, Commissioners of Health of the City of New York.

The said Board of Health and IIealth Department, in discharge of the duty imposed by section 92, of an act entitled "An act to reorganize the local government of the City of New York,” passed April 5, 1870, which declares, that it shall be the duty of said Board immediately upon organizing under this act, to cause to be conformed to this article (being articlo eleventh of the said act), the code of laws and regulations then or lately adopted by the Board of Health for the Metropolitan Sanitary District, which by the said section is to be called the “Sanitary Code,"


and by virtue of and in pursuance of the authority and power thereby conferred, “to add to such Sanitary Code from time to time additional provisions for the security of life and health in the City of New York, and therein to distribute appropriate powers and dirties to the members and employees of the Board of Health,” do hereby direct, order, ordain, and enact, as follows:


Meaning of

“Depart ment."

“ Person," "Owner, "Tenant," &c.

To what terms apply.

SECTION 1. That the terms “Board,” “this Board,” and “said Board," shall be held to mean the Board of Health of the Health Department of the City of New York”; that the word “ Department,” wherever used herein, shall be held to mean the Health Department of the City of New York; that the words “person, “owner," " tenant,” “ lessee,” “occupant,” “contractor,” “party,

," "manager," “ Board," and "officer," shall respectively be held to apply to and include, both jointly and severally, each and all owners, part owners, tenants, lessees, occupants, managers, contractors, parties in interest, persons, officers, boards, and corporations, who may sustain the relations, or may be in like position of any one or more thereof referred to in any ordinance or regulation ; that every order, ordinance, or regulation declared applicable to the built-up portion of New York, shall, so far as the subject matter thereof is applicable (save as to interments), and so far as this Board has authority to make the same, be held to include and apply to the built-up portions of said city; that every word or phrase anywhere herein defined shall be held to include the same sense wherever used; that the words “ city," or “this city," or " said city," whenever used herein, shall be held to mean the City of New York; that the word “regulations shall be held to include “special regulations” (which latter will be from tune to time issued, and will contain more detailed pro

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