Those of my readers who have complained that no maps were to be found in the book may now be referred to a

School Atlas of English History,' recently edited by me for Messrs. Longmans & Co. To include an adequate number of maps in these volumes would have increased their size beyond all fitting limits.

In the spelling of Indian names I have not adopted the modern and improved system of transliteration. Admirable as it is when used by those who are able to give the right sound to each letter, it only leads to mispronunciation in the mouths of those who are, as most of the readers of this volume will be, entirely in the dark on this point. The old rough method of our fathers at least ensures a fair approximation to the true pronunciation

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For the illustrations I have still to express my great obligation to Mr. ST. JOHN HOPE, to whom Mr. SCHARF has continued to render valuable assistance in the selection of portraits.

My thanks are als due to Messrs. VALENTINE & Sons of Dundee for permission to engrave from their photographs the illustrations which appear on pp. 662, 666, 668, 683, 907, 919, 937, and 942.

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