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IX. Arnold's Treason,


X. Robert Morris-Revolt of the Pennsylvania Line

Cornwallis at the South,

XI Campaign of 1781-Battle of Eutaw Springs-Cork

wallis taken at York.own.


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1. The large painted chronographer, prepared to accompany this work, is to be hung in full view of the class, an:) the teacher furnished with a pointing rod about four feet i. length, black at the end, as the paper of the chronographe is white.

2. The proper use of the pointer constitutes an intelligible language addressed to the eye. Therefore, the person using it should use it significantly, and never otherwise, and should always point in the same manner when he means the same thing.

3. In teaching the chronographer, when the person pointing has occasion to refer to a simple date, which is a point of time, let him carry the pointer directly to that point, and, without zigzag motions, rest it there while he has occasion to speak of that date or epoch. But if he is speaking of a period of time between two dates or epochs, as, for exam ple, of Period 1., let him carry the pointer directly to the earliest date (1492), and then move it slowly, and witliout wavering, over Period i., stopping exactly at its close (1578); always, in such cases, carrying the pointer with the course of time—that is. from left to right.

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