Wherein is proved,

That the Spirit of GOD was in

the PROPHETS and APOSTLES, and is in every True Believer, to the End of the World.


Late of Reading in Berkshire.

The Things of God knowveth no Man, but the

Spirit of God. Now we have received, 0100 tb? Spirit of the World, but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the Things that are freely given to us of God, 1 Cor. ii. 11, 12. Quench not the Spirit, i Thef. v. 19. If there come ang unto you, and bring not tkis

Doctrine, receive him not into your House; neither bid him God Speed, 2 John X.

LONDON Printed and sold by J. LEWIS, in Berlioloinie

Cife. 1742.

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R E A D E R.

CHE Things that in this Book are

treated of, concern eternally every T

Soul under Heaven ; and it was because I saw so many careless of

these Things, and so many utterly denying, and blafpheming the Work, and Gift of the Holy Ghost, that I wrote what the Lord Jesus' bad shewn to me ; and because I would not speak of my self, I have gathered from the Scriptures, the Testimony of the former Saints, that Men might believe. I know no Argument, nor Reason, nor even the Word itself will prevail with any, so as to make them believe, unless the Lord the Spirit Speak to the unclosing the blind Eyes of the Heart. If any therefore by Providence should take this Book into their Hands, this only. would I ask of them, weigh not the Language nor Skill, in


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The PREFACE. which it is wrote, for I own I am a Child, and Unlearned; but let your Soul go in before God in Prayer, and read impartially what I have said, and judge by the Scriptures whether these Things are so. Whatever I have taken from the Old, and New Testaments, or from the Fathers, Martyrs, and from the Do&trines and Prayers of the Church, (as far As I know) I have done faithfully: Neither am I conscious of having wrested any one Place to serve the End for which I have used it. I have simply hewn how beautifully the Holy Scriptures harmonize in the Promise of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and how every one wbo believeth not the same is left inexcufable ; being compassed about with so great a Cloud of Witnesses. I shall bere add no more, but pray that dear Lamb of God, who enabled me to write, would enable you to understand, that you may be converted, and be healed, and together with the Sons of God give Glory to the Father, and the Son, thro' the Holy Ghost, in a bleffed Eternity. This is indeed the Prayer of the Man whose Eyes the Lord bath opened, to be a Witness of his Grace,

Written at Kingswood,

O&ob. 13, 1742.








HE Spirit Speaketh cxprefly that in the latter Day's Jome all depart from the Faith, 1 Tim. iv. I. And now is that Scripture fulfilled. In every Place, and in every People,

and especially in that Church which was lately Princess of the Provinces, how well. may it be said, How art thou fallen? The most true, and holy Doctrines of the Gift, and Office of the Spirit of God, are altogether rejected of fome, and others who seem a little more obedient to the Word, allow the Prophets, and Apostles indeed had the Spirit : But since the first planting of the Gospel (lay they) we have no Need of it, neither ought to expect it. Would to God 1.1.1 did know their Need of it, they could not rest till they had receiv'd it! Besides there, there are fonie People in the World who say 10 much against looking to be inspired with the Holy Ghost, that they condemn such who do look for it as pre

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