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This edition of the Catalogue of the Library has been prepared by Mr. H. S. Eaton, under the superintendence of the Secretary, on precisely the same system as the former one, as the plan first adopted has been found to answer every requirement; and the remarks on the arrangement contained in the preface to the previous edition apply equally to the present.

During the fifteen years which have elapsed since the former publication, the number of volumes in the Library has been steadily increasing, and now exceeds five thousand five hundred ; while the pamphlets, which perhaps more than larger works are calculated to convey the impressions of the age, number upwards of three thousand two hundred, contained in eight folio, fifty-one quarto, and one hundred and forty-nine octavo volumes of tracts.

There still remain deficiencies which it will become more and more difficult to supply as years pass away, particularly where volumes of a series are wanting. These are noted in the Catalogue, and the Council hope that their efforts to supply the missing volumes and to extend the Library may be zealously seconded by the general body of the Members and Associates of the Institution, so as to make the Library as perfect as possible, and to render it instrumental in affording complete information on engineering subjects from the earliest times to the present day.

The Institution of Civil Engineers,
25, Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.

March 24, 1866.


In the year 1841 the first part of a Catalogue of the Library was issued containing the titles of the books arranged alphabetically under the names of the Authors, and a second part, with the subjects also arranged alphabetically, was to have been published subsequently ; want of punctuality on the part of the person to whom the duty of editing was entrusted, prevented the accomplishment of this intention, and it was ultimately decided that a more complete system should be adopted.

Mr. C. Manby, the Secretary, was then instructed to report to the Council ; and after devoting much time and attention to the subject, and consulting the best authorities, he advised that an entirely new Catalogue should be drawn up, and that it should contain, in alphabetical order, the names of the Authors, with the complete title of each work, and the principal contents, with cross references to the authors of works on those particular subjects most analogous to the pursuits of Engineers.

This suggestion was adopted, and considerable progress was made in the preparation of the slips, two principal entries being made for each work, and as many cross references as were judged necessary. The increase of the Institution induced, however, such an augmentation of the labours of the Secretary, that it was found impossible to devote the necessary time to this work, and as a Catalogue was imperatively demanded, the Council instructed the Secretary, in the summer of 1850,

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