Report, Volum 24

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909

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Side 458 - Third. If in package form, and the contents are stated in terms of weight or measure, they are not plainly and correctly stated on the outside of the package.
Side 457 - If it consists in whole or in part of a filthy, decomposed, or putrid animal or vegetable substance, or any portion of an animal unfit for food, whether manufactured or not, or if it is the product of a diseased animal, or one that has died otherwise than by slaughter. Sec. 8. That the term
Side 434 - The carrying or transporting of any such freight, express, baggage, goods, or chattels from one State or Territory or the District of Columbia into another State or Territory or the District of Columbia...
Side 463 - ... nor shall any person, company, or corporation drive on foot or transport in private conveyance from one...
Side 198 - Report on the origin and prevalence of typhoid fever in the District of Columbia.
Side 405 - ... duly authenticated by the proper custodian of such book of record, together with the affidavit of the owner, agent, or importer that such animal is the identical animal described in said certificate of record and pedigree...
Side 443 - Notice of quarantine. (a) The fact has been determined by the Secretary of Agriculture, and notice is hereby given, that...
Side 467 - An act for the establishment of a bureau of animal industry, to prevent the exportation of diseased cattle, and to provide means for the suppression and extirpation of pleuro-pneumonia and other contagious diseases among domestic animals/' and to co-operate with the authorities of the United States in the enforcement of the provisions of such act.
Side 420 - Philippine Islands, or Porto Rico, or to Canada, Cuba, or Mexico. To other countries the regular rate of postage is charged, and remittances must cover such postage.
Side 467 - That no railroad company within the United States, or the owners or masters of any steam, or sailing, or other vessel, or boat, shall receive for transportation or transport, from one state or territory to another, or from any state Into the district of Columbia, or from the District into anr state, any live stock affected with any eoi lagioiis.

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