And soon those honoured dear remains

To England were convey'd ;
And there within their silent tombs,

With holy rites were laid.

For me, I loath'd


wretched life, And long to end it thought; Till time, and books, and holy men,

Had better counsels taught.

They rais'd my heart to that pure source

Whence heavenly comfort flows; They taught me to despise the world,

And calmly bear its woes.

No more the flave of human pride,

Vain hope, and fordid care,
I meekly vow'd to spend my life

The bold Sir BERTRAM now no more

Impetuous, haughty, wild; But poor and humble Benedict,

Now lowly, patient, mild:

My lands I
gave to feed the

And sacred altars raise;
And here a lonely Anchorite

I came to end my days.

This sweet fequefter'd vale I chose,

These rocks and hanging grove; For oft beside that murmuring stream

My love was wont to rove.

My noble friend approv'd my choice ;

This blest retreat he gave : And here I cary'd her beauteous form,

And scoop'd this holy caye.

Full fifty winters, all forlorn,

My life I've lingered here;
And daily o'er this sculptured saint

I drop the pensive tear.

And thou, dear brother of my heart,

So faithful and so true,
The sad reinembrance of thy fate
Still makes


bosom rue.

Yet not unpitied pass’d my life,

Forsaken, or forgot;
The PERCY and his noble sons

Would grace my lowly cot.

Oft the great Earl, from toils of state

And cumbrous pomp of power, Would gladly seek my little cell


But length of life is length of woe;

I liv'd to mourn his fall :
I liv'd to mourn his godlike sons,

And friends and followers all.

But thou the honours of thy race,

Lov'd youth, shalt now restore, And raise again the Percy name

More glorious than before.


He ceas'd, and on the lovely pair

His choicest blessings laid: While they with thanks and pitying tears

His mournful tale repaid.

And now what present course to take

They asked the good old fire; And, guided by his fage advice,

To Scotland they retire.

Meantime their suit such favour found

At Raby's stately hall,
Earl Neville and his princely spouse

Now gladly pardon all.

She suppliant at her nephew's throne

The royal grace implor'd : To all the honours of his race

The PERCY was restor'd.

The youthful Earl still more and more

Admir'd his beauteous dame; Nine noble fons to him she bore,

All worthy of their name.

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