p. 2, line 29, for “Gawilghur," read "Goculghur."
p. 19, line 3, for “ 13th Jan.," read “7th Jan.”
p. 107, line 11, for “ Naryum,” read “ Nimgaum.”
p. 124, line 17, for“ certainly,” read “cordially."
p. 126, note, for “ Fitzpatrick,” read “Kirkpatrick.”
p. 179, line 8, for “ Surgaum,” read “ Sieugaum.”
p. 276, line 3 from bottom, for “ Speirs,” read “ Spens."
p. 277, line 2 from bottom, for “any,” read “a.”
p. 299, line 7, for “nuzzerband,” read “nuzzerbund."
p. 368, line 14, for “Fort William, 7th March, 1804,” read “ 1805.” The con-

sequence of this error in date is, that the letter from Earl
Camden, which precedes, and the letters, &c., which follow in
pages 369 to 371, should be inserted at p. 612, according to the

date of the General Order of 7th March, 1805.
p. 589, note, for p.“ 373,” read p. “ 371."
p. 612, note, line 2, for p.“ 370," read p.“368.”

line 3, after “ General Orders," insert " and letter."

line 4, for "371 to 373,” read “ from 367 to 371.". p. 624, line 17, for “and Ramilies," read “Ramilies and Malplaquet." p. 624, note, under “ Ramilies, 1706,” insert “ Malplaquet, 1709.” p. 624, last note, the battles of the Nivelle and the Nive were in “ 1813,"

instead of “ 1814."

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Major General the Hon. A. Wellesley to Major Kirkpatrick,

Resident at Hyderabad. • Sir,

• Camp at Paumorg, 1st January, 1804. • I have the honor to enclose two papers which I have received from Colonel Stevenson, containing his appointment, by their Highnesses the late Nizam and Secundar Jah, to command the armies.

• In former instances of similar appointments of British officers to command the Nizam's troops, it has been usual for his Highness to give an allowance to such officers, upon which subject Colonel Stevenson has referred to me. I must say that in no instance whatever has the exertion of any commanding officer been greater than that of Colonel Stevenson to forward the service: nor have the government, nor the troops derived greater advantage from the zeal, activity, and ability of the commander employed.

'I shall be obliged to you if you will take such steps as you may think necessary, to procure for Colonel Stevenson the allowance usually given by the court of Hyderabad upon such an occasion; and if it should be proper to refer the subject previously to the Governor General, you will forward this letter to be laid before his Excellency.

*I am sorry to have to inform you that Colonel Stevenson is so much indisposed, that I have endeavored to prevail upon



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him to go to the Coast for his recovery, and have given him leave to quit the army.

The vakeel of the Rajah of Berar, Jeswunt Rao Ramchunder, has desired me to apply to you in favor of Madhoo Rao Ramchunder, his brother, who is in the service of the Soubahdar of the Deccan. This person has now the command of 100 horse, and possesses a jaghire for their support; and his brother is desirous that his command should be increased to 200 horse with the means of supporting them. I shall be obliged to you if you will endeavor to arrange this matter.

"I have the honor to be, &c. Major Kirkpatrick.'


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Major General the Hon. A. Wellesley to General Lake.


• Camp at Manusgaum, 5th January, 1804. I have the pleasure to inform you that I concluded a treaty of peace with the ministers of Dowlut Rao Scindiah on the 30th of December, which that Chief has ratified.

• The enclosed dispatches for his Excellency the Governor General, which I request you to forward when you shall have perused them, will make you acquainted with the terms on which this treaty has been concluded.

You will have been informed that I concluded a treaty of peace with the vakeel of the Rajah of Berar on the 16th of December, of which I received the ratification on the 23rd. But lest you should not have received that information, or a copy of the treaty, I enclose one.

* Dowlut Rao Scindiah has expressed a desire to have some guns and military stores which are in the forts of Kanoor, Kishengur Mewat, Hansi, Gawilghur, Malaghur, and Sehaurunpoor, which he alleges have not yet been taken by the troops under the immediate command of your Excellency.

• I have promised him to apply to your Excellency for the guns and stores in those forts, provided they should not have been taken before any application should reach you ; and I hope, in consideration of the great degree to which his military power and resources have been reduced in the war, and of the difficulty which he will experience in supporting himself against Jeswunt Rao Holkar, your Excellency will be induced to grant my request.

"I enclose a memorandum which I have received from Moonshee Kavel Nyn, one of Dowlut Rao Scindiah's ministers, of which I request your Excellency's notice.

“I have the honor to be, &c. General Lake.'




• The Baug Barah Derry belongs to Moonshee Kavel Nyn; but an officer has taken possession of it. The moonshee requests that his property in Delhi, in houses, gardens, &c., may be protected. The person who has charge of it will be found on inquiring at the Barah Derry.

Major General the Hon. A. Wellesley to General Lake. Sir,

Camp at Manusgaum, 5th January, 1804. "You will have observed by the 7th article of the treaty of peace with Dowlut Rao Scindiah, a copy of which I transmitted to you in my dispatch this day, that the districts of Dholpore, Barree, and Rajah Kerrah in Hindustan, and situated, I believe, on the river Chumbul, are to remain in the possession of that chief on certain conditions specified in that article.

* In case the districts should have been taken possession of by the troops under your Excellency's command, I write this letter to request that you will give orders to the collector or other persons in charge of them on the part of the British Government to give them up to the person who will be sent by Dowlut Rao Scindiah to take possession of them.

• I have the honor to be, &c. General Lake.'





Major General the Hon. A. Wellesley to General Lake.

• Camp at Manusgaum, 5th January, 1804. “I have but little to add to my public dispatches of this date. The copies of my dispatches to his Excellency the Governor General, which I forwarded to you, will have ap

of the late event of the campaign in this quarter; but lest they should not have reached you, I now mention that I defeated the combined armies of the enemy at Argaum in Berar on the 29th November, taking all their cannon, and destroying vast numbers, with but small loss on our side, no

prised you

officer killed, and but few wounded. The infantry and cannon in this action was the Rajah of Berar's, and the cavalry his and Scindiah's.

On the 15th December I took the hill fort of Gawilghur by storm ; on the 19th I signed a peace with the Rajah of Berar, and on the 30th December one with Scindiah. By the former the Company gain the province of Cuttack and the province of Berar, half of which, however, before belonged to the Nizam. But the revenue of the Rajah's share is said to have amounted to fifty lacs of rupees. I really believe it is thirty lacs, and we certainly have got the only productive parts of the Rajah's territories.

Scindiah's cessions in Hindustan appear by the account to be more than one crore and fifty lacs, Baroach is ten lacs, and seven lacs in the Deccan.

• I beg leave to take this opportunity of congratulating your Excellency upon the success of the troops under your immediate command in Hindustan. I am concerned to inform your Excellency that Lieut. Colonel Harness of the 80th regiment died at Ellichpoor on the 1st instant. Upon mentioning this event I must again take the liberty of mentioning to you Lieut. Colonel Wallace of the 74th regiment, whose services I have again had occasion to report in a favorable manner, since I addressed you upon this subject after the battle of Assye.

I have the honor to be, &c. General Lake.'


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Major General the Hon. A. Wellesley to Colonel Murray, or Major

Walker, or the Officer, Civil or Military, in charge of the Revenue Department in the Districts conquered from Dowlut Rao Scindiah in Guzerat.

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Camp, 5th January, 1804. • I have the honor to inform you, that by virtue of the authority vested in me, I have concluded a treaty of peace on the part of the Honorable Company and their allies with the Maharajah Dowlut Rao Scindiah, which the latter has ratified, and I have the honor to enclose a paper which contains copies of all the articles of the treaty which relate to Guzerat.

• I beg that, upon the receipt of this letter, you will cede the districts, places, &c., depending upon Powanghur and Dohud, including Godra, and every other place and right

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