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Side 12 - That it shall be unlawful for any common carrier subject to the provisions of this act to charge or receive any greater compensation in the aggregate for the transportation of passengers or of like kind of property, under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, for a shorter than for a longer
Side 124 - this Act shall not apply to the transportation of passengers or property, or to the receiving, delivering, storage or handling of property, wholly within one State, and not shipped to or from a
Side 112 - unlawfully hinder, delay or obstruct said Commissioners in the discharge of the duties hereby imposed upon them, shall forfeit and pay a sum of not less than one hundred, nor more than five thousand dollars, for each offence, to be recovered in an action of debt in
Side 44 - Sundays or legal holidays), computed from ten o'clock am of the day following the day of legal notice of arrival, may be subject thereafter to a charge of storage for each day or fraction of a day that it may remain in the custody of the railroad company, as follows: In less than car-load quantities, not
Side 109 - passenger tariffs, to be observed by all railroad companies doing business in this State on the railroads thereof; shall make reasonable and just rules and regulations, to be observed by all railroad companies doing business in this State, as to charges at any and all points, for the necessary handling and delivering of freights; shall make such
Side 116 - the time of such notice, such company shall incur a penalty for each offence of not less than one thousand dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, to be fixed by
Side 142 - No. 1 to take effect from and after February 1st, 1892. RULE NO. 2. No telegraph office where messages are received and transmitted for the public shall be discontinued or abolished without first obtaining the consent of this Commission upon an application duly filed by the said company desiring such discontinuance wherein shall be stated the reasons therefor.
Side 44 - charge of one dollar per car for each day or fraction of a day said car or cars are so detained or held. Likewise, when cars are properly loaded and shipping instructions given, the railroad agent must immediately issue bills of lading therefor; and if said car or cars are
Side 120 - diligence. In cases of loss the presumption of law is against him, and no excuse avails him -unless it was occasioned by the act of God or the public enemies of the State. Code, Section 2264. M Effect of A common carrier cannot limit his legal liability by any notice given, either by
Side 110 - WHEREAS, It is made the duty of the General Assembly, in article 4, paragragh 2, and section 1 of the Constitution, to pass laws, from time to time, to regulate freight and passenger tariffs; to prohibit unjust discrimination on the various railroads of this .State, and to prohibit railroads from charging other than just and reasonable rates,

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