Re-citing Marlowe: Approaches to the Drama

Ashgate, 2000 - 224 sider
This study of the plays of Christopher Marlowe propels critical examination of this important body of work away from previous preoccupations with its author.
In her introduction, Clare Harraway surveys recent Marlovian criticism and argues that it has suffered from its obsession with Marlowe the author. In its determination to establish biographical facts, such criticism closes off a whole variety of interpretations of the plays, dismissing them as inapplicable, ahistorical or simply wrong.
Re-citing Marlowe draws on the critical apparatus of post-structuralist theory to open up avenues for these lost or hidden interpretations to emerge. Devoting a separate chapter to each of Marlowe's plays, Harraway gives us detailed self-contained analyses of each work, whilst simultaneously revealing a network of theoretical issues which circulate among the plays.

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Words Are What Remain
Reading and Writing
Underwriting History

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Om forfatteren (2000)

Clare Harraway has taught extensively at Oxford University, in the field of Renaissance drama and poetry.

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