and others. That the conclusions arrived at in three separate lines of research should be, on the whole, harmonious, is, it seems to me, a fair proof of their soundness.

This book is in part a translation or adaptation of the following books or papers:

La pensée de Milton. Paris, Alcan, 1920. “Les sources anglaises de la pensée de Milton " (on the

Mortalists). (In Revue germanique, October, 1921.) “Milton et le Zohar.(In Revue germanique, Janu

ary, 1922; in English, in The Quest, January, 1922,

and in Studies in Philology, April, 1922.) “La Cabale et la philosophie de Milton.” (In Revue

des études juives, September, 1921.)

The chapter on Fludd is entirely new; and of the rest, much is revised, particularly the section on the Mortalists.

I therefore give here, besides the analysis of Milton's thought contained in my previous book, the results of my subsequent attempt to solve the problem of the origin of this thought.

D. S. Bordeaux, 1924.

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