Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: With Tables of the Names of Cases and Principal Matters, Volum 11

J. Butterworth and Son, 1806

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Side 512 - Captain and you are also to observe and follow such Orders and Directions as you shall from time to time receive from...
Side 504 - CJ, at the sittings after term, a verdict was found for the plaintiffs, subject to the opinion of the Court, on the following case : The plaintiffs, on the 12th May, 1817, effected a policy of insurance on West India produce in the ship
Side 545 - The question for the opinion of the Court is, whether the plaintiff is entitled to recover.
Side 451 - I take the rule to be, that if the whole of an averment may be struck out without destroying the plaintiff's right of action, it is not necessary to prove it; but...
Side 512 - Hereof nor you nor any of you may fail, as you will answer the contrary at your peril. And for so doing this shall be your warrant. Given under our hands and the seal of the office of Admiralty this thirteenth day of November, 1805, in the fortysixth year of His Majesty's reign.
Side 545 - As insurance is a contract of indemnity, it cannot be said to be extended beyond what the design of such species of contract will embrace, if it be applied to protect men from those losses and disadvantages which, but for the perils insured against...
Side 510 - By the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord " High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland, &c.
Side 320 - H have a latent defect not known to the seller. So again, the case is there put : If a man sell me a horse with a secret malady, without warranting it to be sound, he is not liable ; that is, if there be no fraud. The instances are familiar in the case of horses. It is known that they have secret maladies, which cannot be discovered by the usual trials and inspection of the horse ; therefore the seller requires a warranty of soundness, in order to guard against such latent defects.
Side 508 - His Majesty taking the same into consideration was pleased with the advice of his privy Council to approve of what is therein proposed, and doth...
Side 466 - A verdict was taken for the plaintiff, with leave to the defendant to move to set it aside and enter a nonsuit instead. And a rule nisi having been obtained in the...

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