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LONDON : S. & I BRAwx, STEAM PRINTERS 13, Princes Street, Little QUEEN STREET,



The Books in this Catalogue are arranged in alphabetical order :under the name of the author, where the author is known; and, in other cases, under the leading word of the title. Biographies may generally be also found under the name of the Subject. Ascertained names of anonymous writers are put within brackets [ ].

The separate Division (pp. 244-320d) headed HALLIWELL COMPARTUENT, and referred to in the preceding pages of the Catalogue under the name of HALLIWELL COLLECTION, contains the books kindly presented to the Library, from time to time during the last twelve years, by Mr. J. O. HALLIWELL. For the Collections of autographs, engravings, &c., catalogued (pp. 333–343) under the heading DAWSON COLLECTION, the Library is indebted to Mr. Thomas Dawson, of Allanbank, Grasmere. It will be obvious that the gifts of these two eminent Benefactors have enriched the Penzance Library with treasures ordinarily far beyond the reach of a country town.

The books to which the mark is prefixed were the esteemed bequest of the late Mr. H. E. PEDLER, of Liskeard, and it may be allowed in this place to record the fact, that a similar bequest was made to the Library by another local antiquary,—the late Rev. John CARNE. Many other books, --some of them, such as Gould's Birds of Europe and Bloch's Ichtyologie, of a value far beyond the means of the Library to purchase,—have been generously presented, in recent years, hy friends whom it would be invidious to particularize, but who have none the less earned the gratitude of the Institution; and, with the continuance of such help, it is confidently hoped that the Library may, year by year, grow in value and in usefulness.


It is requested that no one will assume any particular work not to be in the Library, because of its absence from the Divisions already referred to, until he has also consulted the SUPPLEMENT (pp. 321-332); which contains not only such books as were added to the shelves during the printing of the other sheets, but has also many cross-references to the publications of the EARLY ENGLISH TEXT SOCIETY, the CAMDEN SOCIETY, &c., and again to Chalmers' Series of ENGLISH POETs, not otherwise mentioned in alphabetical order.

The INDEX (pp. 345-421) is one of Titles and Subjects. It does not profess to be a Classified Index, except in so far as the subject has been indicated by the title-page ; but in some instances, for the convenience of the student, an attempt has been made to collect under the subject-heading a more complete list than the mere titles would have furnished. The first dash (-) in the index lines denotes either the continuation of the subject, or the repetition of the word under which it is placed; the smaller dashes (- -) stand each for a separate word in the corresponding part of the previous line. The numbers in the Index refer

. to the corresponding numbers, at the end of the entry to which reference is made, in the former part of the Catalogue.

The compilation of the Catalogue and Index is the work of Mr. JOHN KINSMAN, of Penzance; who has placed the Library under a heavy obligation for the zeal with which, at a cost of valuable time that few can appreciate, he has carried out, single-handed, what has been to him from first to last a pure labour of love.

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