My Dog and I: Being a Concise Treatise of the Various Breeds of Dogs, Their Origin and Uses. Written Expressly for the Novice Containing a Comprehensive Mode of Treatment Both in Health and Sickness, Together with the Names of Some Prominent Breeders

Caxton Press, 1897 - 141 sider

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Side 74 - ... belly, forming a nice fringe, which may extend on chest and throat. Feet to be well feathered between the toes. Tail to have a nice fringe of moderately long hair, decreasing in length as it approaches the point. All feathering to be as straight and as flat as possible.
Side 108 - Terrier should be cloggy or in any way coarse; speed and endurance must be looked to as well as power, and the Symmetry of the Foxhound taken as a model. The Terrier, like the Hound, must on no account be leggy, nor must he be too short in the leg.
Side 42 - FAULTS — Too light or heavy a head, too highly arched frontal bone; large ears and hanging flat to the face ; short neck ; full dewlap ; too narrow or too broad a chest ; sunken or hollow or quite straight back ; bent forelegs ; overbent fetlocks ; twisted feet; spreading toes; too curly a tail; weak hindquarters and a general want of muscle ; too short in body.
Side 42 - HEAD. — Long, the frontal bones of the forehead very slightly raised, and very little indentation between the eyes. Skull, not too broad. Muzzle, long and moderately pointed. Ears, small and greyhound-like in carriage.
Side 41 - GENERAL APPEARANCE— The Irish Wolfhound should not be quite so heavy or massive as the Great Dane, but more so than the Deerhound, which in general type he should otherwise resemble. Of great size and commanding appearance, very muscular, strongly though gracefully built, movements easy and active; head and neck carried high; the tail carried with an upward sweep with a slight curve towards the extremity. The minimum height and weight of dogs should be 31 inches and 120 pounds; of bitches, 28 inches...
Side 46 - Large, massive, powerful, symmetrical and well-knit frame. A combination of grandeur and good nature, courage and docility. General Description of Head. — In general outline, giving a square appearance when viewed from any point. Breadth greatly to be desired, and should be in ratio to length of the whole head and face as 2 to 3. General Description of Body (Height and Substance).
Side 78 - Nostrils large, open and flesh-colored, sometimes cherry-colored. Eyes. — Eyes large, soft, deep set and showing haw. Hazel in color, not too pale, with dignified and intelligent expression. Ears. — Ears long and broad at the top, turned over on the front edge...
Side 91 - Charles the feather on the ears is very long and profuse, exceeding that of the Blenheim by an inch or more. The feather on the tail (which is cut to the length of about 3^2 or four inches) should be silky, and from 5 to 6 inches in length, constituting a marked "flag" of a square shape, and not carried above the level of the back.
Side 91 - In the centre of this blaze there should be a clear ' spot ' of red, of the size of a sixpence. The tri-colour, or Charles the First Spaniel, should have the tan of the King Charles, with markings like the Blenheim in black instead of red on a pearly white ground. The ears and under the tail should also be lined with tan. The tri-colour has no ' spot,' that beauty being peculiarly the property of the Blenheim.
Side 108 - AND CHARACTER. — The dog must present a generally gay, lively, and active appearance; bone and strength in a small compass are essentials, but this must not be taken to mean that a Fox Terrier should be cloggy or...

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