Office at Washington. To the eclectic collection of rules derived from these authorities some original ones have been added to meet special requirements of the General Assembly Library, and it is believed that the resultant work will be found in most respects satisfactory. For authors' names the British Museum catalogue, Allibone's "Critical dictionary of English literature," with Kirk's supplement, the " Dictionary of national biography," the peerages by Burke and Debrett, Halkett and Laing's "Dictionary of the anonymous and pseudonymous literature of Great Britain," Cushing's "Initials and pseudonyms" and his "Anonyms," as well as numerous lesser works, have been in constant use. But when the editor has been able to correct, supplement, or modernise the information conveyed or the methods adopted by any of these authorities, he has not hesitated to exercise an independent judgment or to give the results of his own original research.

In a work of such magnitude, abounding in every kind of literary and typographical detail, and requiring for its proper execution the most minute and painstaking research into matters connected with every branch of knowledge, it is inevitable that oversights, both typographical and editorial, will occur; but the editor has exercised unremitting vigilance in the attempt to discover and correct them before final printing, and believes he has in most cases succeeded. In this connexion he desires to draw attention to the table of addenda and corrigenda in the second volume. Scholars will doubtless observe some blemishes in transliterated oriental names, in Polish, Portuguese, and Hungarian words, and in medieval Latin titles in which abbreviations occur and should be faithfully copied; but these defects may fairly be deemed excusable if regard be had to the difficulty of procuring type with the necessary diacritical marks, accents, and abbreviating signs.

The editor desires to express his sense of the accuracy of the work done by Mr. Basil Stocker, M.A., and Mr. E. Samuel; and he has pleasure in acknowledging the aid he has received from his assistant, Mr. C. H. Streeton, M.A., whose classical scholarship has enabled him to render invaluable service. The editor's best thanks are also due to his own mother for assistance gratuitously rendered in the reading of the proofs of a portion of the first volume.

The Hebrew and smaller Greek type used in the catalogue was kindly lent by Mr. R. Coupland Harding, of Wellington.

26th July, 1897.






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[ocr errors]

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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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[ocr errors]

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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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Villemain.] 2 v. 28 cm. P. [1835.]
Complément du dictionnaire de l'A. f., publié sous la
[Avec une préface

direction d'un membre de l'A. f.

par Louis Barré.] 28 cm. P. 1862.

This supplement contains technical terms used in literature,

science, the fine and mechanical arts, professions, etc.

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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


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Single leaf. Bound with Arraignment, trials, etc.

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δρέως τῶν κατὰ Λευκιππὴν καὶ Κλειτοφῶντα λόγοι ὀκτώ.

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Containing reports on the history and present condition of secondary schools in various districts of England and Wales. Contributors: A. H. D. Acland-G. R. Benson-J. BryceC. E. Collet-H. Hobhouse-A. P. Laurie-H. L. Smith.

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The author's forename is given as Charles in the Brit. Mus. Cat.

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a commission. 19 cm. L. 1881.

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[blocks in formation]

Acraspeda. See Scyphomedusæ.

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