The Dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington: Peninsula, 1890-1813


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Side 44 - I have the honor to enclose the copy of a letter which I have received from...
Side 521 - Lestrade, and I shall be very much obliged to you if you will let me hear of any fresh, developments of so singular a chain of events.
Side 601 - French corps itarmce which has not a battalion of sappers and a company of miners. But we are obliged to depend for assistance of this description upon the regiments of the line ; and although the men are brave and willing, they want the knowledge and training which are necessary. Many casualties among them consequently occur, and much valuable time is lost at the most critical period of the siege.
Side 483 - ... completely accomplished their object. They must be prepared, and must be forced, to make all sacrifices to the cause. Submission to military discipline and order is a matter of course ; but when a nation determines to resist the authority and to shake off the government of...
Side 483 - Britain arc more than a match for Buonaparte, and that we shall have the means of aiding any country that may be disposed to resist his tyranny. But those means are necessarily limited in every country by the difficulty of procuring specie. This necessary article can be obtained in sufficient quantities only by the contributions of the people; and although Great Britain can and ought to assist with money as well in other modes every effort of this description, the principal financial as well as military...
Side 388 - It would be particularly agreeable to me if some mark of the favour of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent were conferred upon General Hill ; his services have been always meritorious, and very distinguished in this country, and he is beloved by the whole army.
Side 303 - Alien's brigade of cavalry which was not detached, occupied the range of heights which are on the left of the Agueda: having their advanced guard, under Lieut.
Side 550 - I therefore determined to storm the place, notwithstanding that the approaches had not been brought to the crest of the glacis, and the counterscarp of the ditch was still entire. The attack was accordingly made yesterday evening in five separate columns, consisting of the troops of the 3d and light divisions, and of Brigadier- General Pack's brigade.
Side 566 - I had the honour to lend you the other night at play; and which I shall be much obliged to you if you will let me have some time either to-day or to-morrow. I am sir, Your most obedient, most humble servant, GEORGE TRENT.
Side 246 - We have already, in some degree, altered the nature of the war and of the French military system. They are now in a great measure on the defensive, and are carrying on a war of magazines. They will soon, if they have not already, come upon the resources of France ; and, as soon as that is the case, you may depend upon it the war will not last long.

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