payment thereof, the said hereditaments and premises should be and remain,

To the use, &c.

Declaration that the said W. H. and E. L., their executors, &c., should stand seised of the said annuity, or yearly rent-charge of L. upon trust to pay and apply one of the said annuities to and for the benefit of the said H. B. during his life, in manner therein mentioned : and after his decease, in case the same should happen during the continuance of the said annuity, then to stand and be seised thereof, upon such trusts as were thereinafter expressed of and concerning the interest and dividend of the portion and fortune thereby provided for the said H. B. and his issue. Proviso for cessor of said term of 1000


when the whole of the said L. and interest should have been raised.

Covenants by said W. B. for payment of the said annuities.

Covenants that said W. B. had power to convey.

Covenants for quiet enjoyment, free from incum. brances, and for further assurance.

Proviso that in case the said W. B. should at any time thereafter, during his life, be desirous to revoke the provision thereby made for his said sons, and should, by transferring to the said trustee or trustees for the time being, a competent sum in the public stocks or funds of Great Britain, or otherwise, to the satisfaction of the said trustees or trustee, secure to or for the benefit of the said T. B., &c., the payment of annuities and portions equal in amount to those thereby provided for them respectively, and to be limited and settled upon the same trusts, and in the same manner, or as near thereto as cir. cumstances would then admit of; then it should be lawful for the said W. B., by deed, to be by him executed as therein mentioned, to revoke the uses, &c., therein contained, and to limit and appoint any


other uses, &c., of and concerning the hereditaments and premises thereinbefore described.

Executed by the said, &c., and attested by two witnesses.

Date. Will of said W. B., whereby he confirmed a settlement made by him upon his children by his late wife E., of annuities and portions charged upon his real estate at, &c., aforesaid, bearing date, &c.

And the said testator gave and devised [inter alia] the said capital messuage, &c., all other his messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments, and real estate, &c., unto N. H. and J. P. and their heirs, To the use (as to the manor of, &c.,) of testator's wife, M. B., for life.

Remainder. To use of (trustees,] and their heirs, during the life of the said M. B., to support contingent remainders.

Rem. As to said hereditaments so limited to said M. B. as aforesaid, from and immediately after her decease; and as to all other, the said real estate thereinbefore devised from and immediately after the testator's de


To use of testator's eldest son, T. B., for life.

Rem. To use of the said trustees and their heirs, during the life of T. B., to preserve contingent remainders.

Rem. To use of first, second, third, fourth, and all other sons of the said T. B., lawfully to be begotten severally and successively in tail male.

Rem. To use of testator's second son, N. B., for life.

Rem. To use of the said trustees and their heirs, during the life of the said N. B., to preserve contingent remainders.

Rem. To the use of first, second, third, fourth, and all

• When the remainders are contingent, it is better to take the words in the deed or will than use the word "remainder."

other sons of the said N. B., lawfully begotten, or to be begotten severally and successively in tail male.

Rem. To use of E. L., his executors, &c., for 1200 years, to be computed from the decease of survivor of T. B. and N. B.; and failure of issue male of both their bodies, upon the trusts thereinafter declared. Rem. To the right heirs of the said W. B. for ever. Declaration that the said term of 1200 years was limited; in trust to raise L.

additional portions for testator's sons, T. B. and C. B., in case either of testator's sons, H. B. and A. B., should, under the limitations thereinbefore contained, during his life, become entitled to the rents of testator's estate at, &c.

Proviso for cessor of said term, when said L. should be raised.

Powers to testator's said children respectively, when in possession of said estate, to raise jointures for their wives, and portions for younger children, and to grant leases in manner therein mentioned.

Power of sale and exchange.

And said testator gave and bequeathed all the household furniture, &c.

, at the time of testator's decease, unto the said N. H., I. P., and E. L., their executors, &c., upon trust, to permit his said wife to enjoy the same during her natural life; and after her decease, in trust for the person who, under the limitations thereinbefore contained, should upon

the same event first become beneficially entitled in possession to the said messuage and other hereditaments, so limited to the use of his said wife as aforesaid, or to the rents or profits thereof as tenant for life, or in tail

, his executors, administrators, and assigns.

And after various other bequests, the said testator directed that his executors should pay and apply a competent part of the residue of his personal estate, which should remain after payment of all his debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, and the legacies thereinbefore bequeathed, in satisfaction and dis

charge of the several portions or sums of money
which by the said therein above-mentioned indenture
of settlement, dated the, &c., were charged upon his
estates at, &c., aforesaid, in favour of his five younger
sons, and amounting together to the suin of L.
or so much thereof as should at the time of his de-
cease remain unsatisfied. To the intent that his
said last-mentioned estate might be wholly discharged
from the payment thereof. And the said testator
appointed the said N. H., I. P., and E. L., executors
of his will

Executed by the said W. B., and attested by three witnesses.

Date. Codicil to said abstracted will, whereby said W. B. declared that in case his said wife M. B. should after his decease intermarry with any other busband, then the estate and interest, by his said will limited to her, of and in all that, &c., therein should cease and determine. And testator in that event charged the said premises with the payment of an annuity or yearly rent-charge of L. to the said M. B. during the remainder of her life.

Executed and attested by three witnesses.
Testator died on leaving H. E. B. his heir,

Proved in the prerogative court of the archbishop of Canterbury, on, &c., by, &c., the said executors.


Abstract of the title to a copyhold estate.

Court. Date Admission of H. G., on decease of P. G., who having died seised of premises called P., containing sixteen acres, by his will, dated, &c., gave as follows :-“I give and bequeath unto my cousin, H. G., son of my brother R. G., whom I make my full and sole executor, &c., all that my mansion-house that now I dwell in, with all barns, stables, and all other out-houses thereunto belonging; to have and enjoy the same to him and his heirs for ever, provided he pay my just debts, funeral expenses, and all my legacies hereby given.”

[Add date of probate, registry, enrolment, &c.] Date Surrender by W. P., and R. his wife, of a

tenement called N., and a close called H., containing

acres, and L., containing acres, lying together in L., between D. and C., &c. To the use of A. G., daughter of H. G., of for life; and after her decease, to the use of the right heirs of said

W. P. for ever.

Date. Admission of W. P. jun., only son and heir of H. P., who died seised of all that separate tenement called F., between G. street and B. lane, and also bis admission to the reversion of N., &c., upon the decease of A. P., lately A. G.

Date. Admission of H. G., only son and heir of H. G., who died seised of P., &c., to which he was admitted in 1666.

Date. Admission of M. G., late M. C., widow of H. G.

, last mentioned, as mother and guardian of W. G., an infant of the age of two years, the youngest son and heir of the said H. G., last seised to P., &c.

Date. Conditional surrender of W. G. to W. F. of all that his customary lands called P., &c., situate at or near K., subject to proviso for redemption on payment of L.200.

Date. The like for L.300. Date. Surrender of same premises to the use of W.F., and M. his wife, and their heirs and assigns for ever, and their admission.

Date. Surrender by W. F. and wife, to the use of H. G., his heirs and assigns for ever, and his ad


Date. Surrender hy H. G. of same premises, to use of said H. G. for his life, and then to P. G., brother of said H. G., his beirs and assigns for ever.

Date. Licence to H. G. to demise for twenty

one years.

Like licence to W. C. Date. Admission of A., wife of W. C., of, &c., and E., wife of R. O., of, &c., daughters of the said P. G., and his next heirs, stating that H. G. held all those two customary fields of acres called P.,

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