don, from time to time, upon being satisfied as well of the fitness of the person as of the expediency of the appointment, to appoint, admit, and cause to be sworn and enrolled in the said Court of Faculties any person or persons residing at any place distant more than ten miles from the Royal Exchange, in the said city of London, who shall have been previously admitted, sworn, and enrolled an attorney or solicitor in any of the courts at Westminster, or who shall be a proctor practising in any ecclesiastical court, to be a notary-public or notaries-public, to practise within any district in which it shall have been made to appear to the said master of the Court of Faculties that there is not (or shall not hereafter be) a sufficient number of such notaries-public admitted, or to be admitted, under the provisions of the said recited act, for the due convenience and accommodation of such district, as the said master of the Court of Faculties shall think fit, and not elsewhere; any law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding."

And it is provided and further enacted by section Not to 3, “ That nothing herein contained shall extend to authorize noauthorize any notary who shall be admitted by virtue

pointed of this act to practise as a notary, or to perform or thereby to act certify any notarial act whatsoever, within the said in London, city of London, the liberties of Westminster, the borough of Southwark, or within the circuit of ten thereof. miles from the Royal Exchange in the said city of London."

And it is provided and further enacted by section Notary ad4, " That if any notary, admitted by virtue of this mitted under act, shall practise as a notary, or perform or certify tising out of any notarial act whatsoever, out of the district spe- his district, cified and limited in and by the Faculty to be granted to be struck to him by virtue of this act, or within the city of London, the liberties of Westminster, the borough of Southwark, or the circuit of ten miles from the Royal Exchange in London aforesaid, then and in every such case it shall be lawful for the said Court

taries ap

or within ten miles

off the roll of Faculties.

of Faculties, on complaint made in a summary way, and duly verified on oath, to cause every

such notary so offending to be struck off the Roll of Faculties ; and every person so struck off shall thenceforth for ever after be wholly disabled from practising as a notary, or performing or certifying any notarial act whatsoever."



on the

Notice is hereby given, that the partnership lately Notice of dissubsisting between us, A. B. and C. D., of, &c., here- solution of

co-partnertofore carrying on trade under the firm of, &c., was, ship.*

day of, &c., dissolved by mutual consent, [and that all debts owing to the said partnership are to be received by the said C. D.; and all persons to whom the said partnership stands indebted are requested immediately to send in their respective accounts to the said C. D., in order that the same may be examined and paid.] Dated, &c.

Under and by virtue of the power in this behalf Fron contained in the deed or articles establishing the partner to partnership subsisting between you and me, bearing date on or about the

day of

dissolve part18 I hereby give you notice, that it is


inten- nership.


another of intention to

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* The above notice should be inserted in the London Gazette, for which purpose an affidavit of the signatures will be required to warrant the insertion. The form may be thus :“È. F., of, &c., maketh oath, and saith, that he was present and did see A. B. and C. D. severally sign the notice of dissolution hereunto annexed; and that the names A. B. and C. D., set and subscribed at the foot of the said notice, are of the proper hands-writing of the said A. B. and C. D.” (To be sworn before a Master in Chancery.)

ners after

day of


To executors

tion to dissolve the said partnership on the

day of next. As witness my hand this

To Mr (Partner) From parta

We hereby give you notice, that the partnership dissolution,

lately subsisting between us, under the firm of C. B. to a debtor to and C., was dissolved on the pay debt to

and we request you to pay the debt owing by you agent.

to us to Mr who is duly authorized to receive the same, and whose receipt shall be your sufficient discharge. As witness, &c.

I [we'] give you notice, that by an indenture of of assignment assignment, bearing date, &c., made, &c. the legacy of a legacy.

of 1.500, [or my share and interest in the residuary
personal estate of A. B.] bequeathed to me, [or the
said C.D.,] by the will of A. B., deceased, has been
absolutely assigned by [me] the said C. D. to [me]
the said E. F., in consideration of the sum of L.
by, &c., to, &c., paid. [And I, the said C. D.,
authorize you to pay the same to the said E. F.,
when the same shall become payable.] As witness,

I hereby give you notice, that the sum of L. vendor, that the unpaid portion of the purchase-money payable producing no by me to you under the contract between us, bear

ing date, &c., is now in the hands of my bankers, Messrs having been appropriated to a special account to my credit, and is producing no interest or advantage whatsoever ; [and, therefore, I shall hold myself discharged from any obligation henceforth to pay interest for the same.] As witness, &c.

To C. D., of, &c., I do hereby give you notice, gagee by the that by certain indentures, bearing date, &c., and an equity of made, &c., for the consideration therein mentioned, redemption. the equity of redemption of, and in certain premises situate at

and comprised in an indenture dated the, &c., and made between, &c., purporting to

Purchaser to


To a mort

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i This notice is usually given by the assignee alone, but it is more satisfactory to the executors that the assignor should give it. The concurrence of both is the preferable course.

[ocr errors]

money, and

be a mortgage thereof to you, for securing the payment of the sum of L. and interest, were conveyed and assured to me and my heirs and assigns for ever. Dated, &c.

To, &c. I hereby give you notice, that, by inden- To the mortture, dated, &c., the premises comprised in an inden- gagor of the ture of mortgage, bearing date, &c., and made be- assignment of tween, &c., purporting to be a mortgage by you

a mortgage.

of the same premises for securing the payment of the sum of L.

and interest, have in consideration, &c., been assigned (or conveyed, if in fee) to me, my heirs, [executors, administrators,] and assigns. Dated, &c.

To Mr A. B. I hereby give you notice, that I To a mortshall, at the expiration of six calendar months from gagee by the the service hereof upon you, pay off the principal intention to sum of L.

now due and owing to you from pay in the me, and secured by mortgage of certain premises si

mortgagetuate, &c.; and all interest that will be then due upon of tender of the same sum; and that at such time I shall tender reconveyance. you a reconveyance to me of the said premises, pursuant to a draft to be previously submitted to you or your solicitor, for approval. Dated, &c.

I do hereby give you notice, and request that you To mortgagor will pay me on the

next, at, &c., by mortgagee the principal sum of L.

to pay printogether with all in

cipal and interest that may then be due thereon, and which is terest, and of secured to [me] by certain indentures, &c.; and in a sale. case you shall make default in payment of the same on the said day of I shall immediately thereupon proceed to a sale of the [messuage and hereditaments) in the said indentures comprised in execution of the power thereby vested in me. As witness, &c.

I hereby give you notice, that by indentures of From mortlease and release, bearing date respectively on or gagee totes about the and

days of

made between rent to him.

day of

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as the execu

If by the personal representatives, add, tor (or administrator) of deceased.”

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