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It will be noticed, that no progressive duty is charged on a bargain and sale for a year; and, therefore, though it should extend over several skins of parchment, the first only need be stamped.

Bargain and sale, being a conveyance or mortgage, -see those heads.

Bargain and sale (to be enrolled) of any estate of freehold in lands or other hereditaments in England, upon any other occasion than the mortgage or sale thereof,-L.5, with a progressive duty of L.1, 5s.

Bond given as a security for the payment of any annuity, (except upon the original creation and sale thereof,) or for any sum or sums of money at stated periods, (not being interest or rent,) for any definite term, so that the total amount of the money to be paid can be previously ascertained, the same duty as on a bond for payment of a sum of money equal to such total amount."

Bonds for securing any annuity or other right not before in existence upon the sale thereof, when the same shall not be created by actual grant or conveyance, are liable to the same duty as an actual grant or conveyance according to the amount of the consideration thereof, but if the same shall be secured also by warrant of attorney, covenant, contract, or otherwise, the ad valorem duty will be only chargeable on one of such instruments.

Bond given as a security for the payment of any annuity, except upon the original sale and creation thereof, or of any sums at stated periods, (not being interest or rent,) for a life or any indefinite period.

These are not given, being the same as stamps on mortgages.

Where the annuity or sum secured shall not

amount to L.10 per annum, L.10, and not to 50,

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Bond for the due execution of an office, and to account for money received by virtue thereof, L.1, 15s., with a progressive duty of L.1, 5s.

Charter-party, or any agreement or contract for Charter-party the charter of any ship or vessel, or any inemorandum, letter, or other writing between the captain, master, or owner of any ship or vessel, and any other person for or relating to the freight or conveyance of any money, goods, or effects on board of such ship or vessel, L.1, 15s., with a progressive duty of L.1, 5s.

Conveyance, whether grant, disposition, lease, as- Conveyance, signment, transfer, release, renunciation, or of any other kind or description upon the sale of any lands, tenements, rents, annuities, or other property, real or personal, or of any right, title, interest, or claim therein, for the principal, or only deed, instrument, or writing, where the purchase or considerationmoney therein or thereupon expressed shall not amount to L.20, L.0 10 0

Where the same shall amount to

L.20, and not to L.50,



1 0 0

1 10 0

If the payments should not be reserved yearly, the annual amount must be ascertained by taking an average; thus a triennial payment of L.75 would be considered as an annual payment of L.25.

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1000 0 0


by different deeds.

100,000, or upwards,

with a progressive duty of L.1.

And where any freehold lands or hereditaments in England shall be conveyed by feoffment or bargain and sale enrolled, and not by both, such feoffment or bargain and sale, unless accompanied by a lease and release, shall be charged with a further duty of the same amount as would have been charged on the lease for a year if the premises had been conveyed by lease and release.

Where property of different tenures or holdings, or held under different titles contracted for at one entire price, shall be conveyed in separate parts by different instruments, the consideration-money may be ap portioned as the parties think fit, so that a distinct consideration is set forth for each, and distinct ad valorem duty be paid on the conveyance of each portion. Where any property contracted for at one entire


price by two or more persons jointly, or by any per- Purchases by son in trust for himself and others, or wholly for several jointothers, shall be conveyed in parts by separate deeds to the persons for whom the same shall be purchased for distinct parts of the purchase-money, the conveyance of each part shall be charged accordingly; but if the different parcels are conveyed to the different persons by the same deed, such deed shall be charged with an ad valorem duty on the aggregate amount of purchase-money.


In the case of a conveyance from the original ven- Sub-purcha dor to a sub purchaser, the conveyance must be stamped according to the amount of the consideration paid by such sub-purchaser without regard to the amount of the original purchase-money, unless a previous conveyance duly stamped had been made from the first to the sub-purchaser, when any confirmatory conveyance from the original vendor would be subject only to the ordinary deed stamp.

comprised in

When lands separately contracted to be purchased Property from different persons at distinct prices shall be con- several conveyed by one deed, the ad valorem duty shall be tracts. chargeable on the aggregate amount of the pur


the property.

Where the whole or any part of the consideration Where there is formed of money charged on the property, whether is a charge on due to the purchaser himself, or afterwards to be paid by him, the same is to be deemed part of the purchase-money.


Where hereditaments are conveyed by bargain Principal and sale enrolled, and also by lease and release, or feoffment, the release or feoffment shall be deemed the principal deed; but if the conveyance is effected by lease and release, and feoffment, the release shall be so considered. In conveyance of copyholds, the surrender or grant, or the memorandum thereof, if made out of court, but if in court, then the copy of court-roll shall be deemed the principal deed.

In other cases the parties may determine for themselves which shall be the principal deed.

Where deed

comprises se

Duplicates of instruments chargable with ad valorem duty exceeding L.2 are chargeable with the common deed stamp only.

"And where any deed or instrument operating as veral objects. a conveyance on the sale of any property shall operate also as a conveyance of any other than the property sold by way of settlement, or for any other purpose, or shall also contain any other matter or thing besides what shall be incident to the sale and conveyance of the property sold, or relate to the title thereto, every such deed or instrument shall be charged in addition to the duty to which it shall be liable as a convey. ance on the sale of property, and to any progressive duty to which it may also be liable, with such further stamp-duty as any separate deed containing the other matter would have been chargeable with, exclusive of the progressive duty."


of trust.





Conveyance of equity of redemption to a purchaser in the same deed with a mortgage. See Mortgage. Declaration of any use or trust, whether by deed or not, Progressive duty,

Deed not otherwise charged nor ex-
empted from all stamp-duty,
With a progressive duty of
Exchange or partition, if nothing, or
a sum less than L.300, is paid for
equality of exchange or partition,
Progressive duty,

L.1 15 0


1 15 0

1 5 0

1 15 0

1 5 0

But if L.300 or upwards be paid for equality of exchange or partition, the same ad valorem and progressive duties as on a conveyance are chargeable. Feoffment, if not liable to the ad valorem duties on a sale or mortgage, L.1 15 0

And where the same shall also contain

a letter of attorney to deliver or re-
ceive seisen, a further duty of

A progressive duty,

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1 15 0

1 5 0

Lease granted in consideration of any fine or premium, without any yearly rent, or a rent under

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