The New Practical Navigator: Being a Complete Epitome of Navigation: to which are Added, All the Tables Requisite for Determining the Latitude and Longitude at Sea: Containing the Different Kinds of Sailing, and Necessary Corrections for Lee-way, Variation, &c. Exemplified in a Journal at Sea ... The Whole Illustrated with Engravings ...

J. Johnson, 1807 - 328 sider

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Side 14 - EXAMPLE. If the diameter of a circle be 7 inches, and the circumference 22, what is the circumference of another circle, the diameter of which is 14 inches ? Extend from 7 to 22, that extent will reach from 14 to 44 the same way.
Side 44 - Horizon decreafes ; confequently, the latitude of a place is always equal to the elevation of the pole above the Horizon.
Side 15 - ... degrees of the quadrant, begins at the right hand against 90° on the sines, and from thence is numbered towards the left hand thus : 10, 20...
Side 12 - C, it will become a line of versed sines, which may be continued to 180°, if the same divisions be transferred on the same line on the other side of the centre C. 6thly. From the centre C, through the several divisions of the quadrant BD, draw right lines till they cut the tangent ВТ; so will the line ВТ become a line of tangents.
Side 312 - ... home, when the rammer is to be drawn, and not before. While this is doing, the man appointed to...
Side 2 - The radius of a circle is half the diameter, or it is a right line drawn from the centre to the circumference, as CD.
Side 14 - The solid content of any bale, box, chest, fcc. is found by extending from 1 to the breadth ; that extent will reach from the depth to a fourth number, and the extent from 1 to that fourth number will reach from the length to the solid content. EXAMPLE 1st.
Side 107 - ... degrees, &c. and draw lines through every 5 degrees of latitude and longitude, as in the chart. Take from the Table of Latitude and Longitude of Places, the latitude and longitude of each particular place contained within the bounds of the chart, and lay a...
Side 15 - ... 1, 2, 3, &.C. to 10, and so on 20, 30, 40, and 45, where is a brass pin under 90° on the sines ; from thence it is numbered backwards, 50, 60, 70, 80, &.C. to 89, ending at the left hand where it began at 1 degree. The subdivisions are nearly similar to those of the sines. When you have any extent in your compasses, to be set off from any number less than 45°...
Side 33 - ... the logarithm of the firft term, the remainder will be the logarithm of the fourth term. Or to the complement arithmetic of the logarithm of the firft term, add the logarithms of the fécond and third term, the fum abating radius will give the fame anfwer. As log. .. 60 .... 1.77815 Coar.

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