TUESDAY, June 26th.-Morning, 12 to 1,


Examiner-W. MʻLEOD, Esq., F.R.G.S.

1. Define the following geographical terms :-Isthmus, Peninsula, Strait, Estuary, Delta, Plateau, Afluent, Frith.

Give examples of Peninsulas and Straits in Europe.

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2. State precisely what is included under the expressions,

(i.) The British Empire ; (ii.) The British Isles;

(iii.) Great Britain. Give the boundaries, and if possible, the length, breadth, and area of each of the countries constituting the British Isles; and you name the capital of each,

3. Name the Euglish counties that are washed by the German Ocean, and the capital of each county; and state for what each place is noted.

4. Specify the most important of the minerals of England ; and name the counties from which they are severally obtained.

In what part of England is no coal worked ?

5. Enumerate the principal European Islands ; name the capital of each island; and state to what Powers they severally belong.


6. Through what countries or counties do the rivers Trent,Mersey, Rhone, Vistula, Rhine, Severn, Clyde, Liffey, and Volga flow, and what great towns are situated upon them?

7. Name the European countries that border on the Mediterranean Sea, and give the following particulars respecting each country :

(i.) Its chief city..
(ii.) Its principal river.
(iii.) The state to which it belongst
(iv.) Its principal port.

8. With respect to each of the places mentioned below, state(i.) Its position, naming the county or country in which it

is situated (ii.) The River or Gulf on which it stands. (iii.) Any historical event for which it may be noted; or,

(iv.) Any branch of trade or manufacture carried on in it: Cork, Lyons, Leipsic, Madrid, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Plymouth, Norwich, Belfast, Palermo, Sheffield, Carron, Nottingham.

9. Draw a circle, and on it indicate the positions of

(i.) The Arctic Circle,
(ii.) The Equator,
(iii.) The South Temperate Zone,
(iv.) The Tropic of Capricorn,
(v.) The Torrid Zone,

(vi.) The North Frigid Zone. Define the terms Zone, Equator; name any of the European countries that are in the North Temperate Zone; and write in words 23° 28' 11".



TUESDAY, June 26th.- Afternoon, 2 to 34.

Examiner-W. LETHBRIDGE, Esq., M.A.


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1. Explain the common system of notation. Subtract 589 from 625, and give the reason for the process.

2. Multiply. 9487352 by 4731246. What is meant by “casting out the nines”? Apply the principle to the above question. In what cases does it fail to detect the


? 3. From 9797624695 subtract 140, and divide the remainder by 365. Any number is divisible by 8 if the number expressed by the last three digits to the right is divisible by 8.

4. Find the cost of hospital accommodation for 1485 patients at £4. 12s. 6d. each.

5. Distinguish between abstract and concrete numbers. What is the difference between 48s. divided by 98., and 48s. divided by 9 ?

A person buys 28 pieces of cloth for £784. 188. 8d. at 4s. 10d. per yard, how many yards are there in each piece ?

6. Divide £315. 188. among A, B, and C, so that for every sovereign A has, B may have a crown, and C a florin.

7. A person's annual expenditure from 1851 to 1858, both inclusive, was £218. 128. 3d. ; in 1859 it was £248. 7s. 6d., his average expenditure from 1850 to 1859, both inclusive, was £222. 10s. 1d.; how much did he spend in 1850 ?

8. What is meant by the Least Common Multiple of two or more numbers ?

It is found that if a number of beans be divided into lots of 63, of 84, or of 14, there is always the same remainder 11; the number is known to be between 700 and 800. How many beans were there ?

9. Define a vulgar fraction. How many different kinds of vulgar fractions are there? Give an example of each.

When is a fraction said to be in its lowest terms ? Is 539 such a fraction ?

10. Give reasons for the process adopted in the addition of Vulgar Fractions. Add together }, į, I and }, and subtract their sum from 25. 11. Simplify 1


8 64
of 1 + 1 of 1

21. of 1 - of is 12. Find the value of į of £1–4 of half-a-crown +5 of a shilling;

and determine what sum is the same fraction of a crown that 5s. 7d. is of a




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