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[N.B.-Only six of the following qnestions are to be answered. The Candidate is at liberty

to select any six of them for the purpose.

1. Enumerate such of the principal rivers of Europe as fall respectively into :

(a.) The Caspian Sea. (d.) The Mediterranean Sea.
(6.) The Baltic Sea.

(e.) The North Sea.
c.) The Black Sea.

(f.) The English Channel.

2. State briefly the prominent points in the geography of France, with reference (1st) to natural features, and (2nd) to the names and localities of its chief manufacturing and commercial towns.

3. Sketch the leading physical features of either Italy, Spain, -or Russia. (Do this either by brief description, or by drawing a rough map, as you may prefer.) . 4. State some of the characteristic points of difference between the countries of Northern and of Southern Europe, as to climate, vegetation, and the industrial pursuits of their inhabitants.

5. In what countries are Stuttgart, Marsala, Barcelona, Hel. singfors, Breslau, Presburg, Ratisbon, Bremen, and Cordova ? Some of them are situated on rivers of importance ; in the case of such, name the rivers.

6. Enumerate the chief rivers of the British Islands, in the order of geographical succession, according to the seas into which they fall.

7. Name the chief towns of Great Britain (i. e. England and | Scotland inclusive), which are important seats of the cotton,

woollen, linen, silk, hardware, cutlery, and earthenware manufactures respectively.

8. Name the principal seaports of Great Britain and Ireland. State the county in which each is situated, and the river (if any) on which it stands.

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1. Divide 64250 by 3125.

If the dividend be 631, the quotient 25, and the remainder 6, 257 what is the divisor ?

2. From £6. 88. 102d. subtract 3921 farthings, and multiply 951720 the remainder by 420.

3. If a bell toll at intervals of 7 seconds, how often does it toll 990. in 1 hour 55 minutes 30 seconds ?

How often, if it toll 3 times in 11 seconds ? 110 1090

4. The hop-gardens in England in 1860 consisted of 46270 241 acres, and the quantity of hops grown was 99563 cwt. 14 lbs.; what was the average growth per acre ?

5. Find the yearly expense of lighting a room for 3 hours every
night with 8 burners, each consuming 8 cubic feet of gas per hour, X
the price of gas being 4s. for a thousand cubic feet.

6. How is the area of a rectangular floor found ? In what sense
can a line be multiplied by a line ? What must be the height of 12
a room, 30 feet long, and 18 feet wide, that it may contain 6480
cubic feet ?

7. Show that the Least Common Multiple of two numbers is
the product of the numbers divided by their Greatest Common 10010

Find that of 1155 and 1735.
8. Show from the definition of a Vulgar Fraction that I = ls.
Reduce to simple fractions,
(i.) 20,1% +8+ 6,.

.-- 35 3. (ii.) 6,5 – 4}. .

. De (iii.) (2; 3) – (8 • 3}). . ....63

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