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II. Grammatical Questions on the above passages : --[N.B. The following Questions may be answered in German.) 1. State the Gender, Case, and Number of the following substantives in paragraph (a) :--

Erzherzoge, Kaisers, Brüder, Verderben, Hauses, Unwillen, Vorfall, Entschluß, Maximilians, Sohn, Statthalter, Erbe, Stůbe.

Give the Genitive Singular and the Nominative Plural of these substantives.

2. Name the Mood, Tense, Person, and Number of the following verbs in paragraphs (6) and (c):—

ůbereilt, gegeben, riefen, glaubte, erschien. 3. State what cases are governed by the prepositions contained in paragraphs (b), (c), and (d) :-in (occurs five times), von, zuwider, gegen, auf, aus.

4. Explain why in paragraph (e), in the first sentence, the nominative “er” follows the verb, and, in the second sentence, the words “ die Brüder” follow the verb “ übertragen,” contrary to the English rule.



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1. Express in formulæ the decompositions by which oxygen gas is usually obtained.

2. What is the composition of nitric acid ? Explain the process of its manufacture.

How is it

3. Describe the principal properties of iodine. procured ?

4. What is the formula of common phosphate of soda ? What is the effect of heat upon the salt? Describe its reactions both before and after ignition.

5. By what tests do you identify magnesian salts ? Write down the names and formulæ of some of the most important natural and artificial compounds of magnesia.


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