TUESDAY, December 16th.-Morning, 10 to 12.


Examiner-J. P. BIDLAKE, Esq., B.A.

1. Define an abstract noun, a collective noun, a verb, and a preposition.

2. State the several modes of indieating the gender of nouns, and give examples.

3. Give the nominative plural of seraph, canto, nuncio, staff, beauty, chimney, dictum, oasis, radius, genus. Also, the possessive plural of boy, woman, life, fairy, brother.

4. Define transitive, auxiliary, and irregulær verbs. 5. Explain the different uses of shall and will.

6. Write out the past tense and the past participle of ftee, lay, smite, slay, throw, ride, sink, do, be, get, and dare.

7. What are primitive, derivative, and compound words ?

8. Point out the prefixes and affixes in the following words,stating their meanings, and from what languages they are derived :detraction, unfaithfulness, admixture, unwisely, withdrawal, forbearance, unmoveable, retrospective, anarchical, hypothesis.

9. Analyse the following sentences; and parse the words in italics :(a.) Censure is the tax which a man pays to the public for

being eminent. (6.) If he were more attentive he would better understand

the subject, and would be almost certain to succeed. (c.) “It is the bright day that brings out the adder,

And that craves wary walking.10. Write a short composition on one of the following subjects :

(a.) The formation of the English language.
(6.) The International Exhibition
(c.) The uses of the mieroscope.

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[N.B.Only six of the following Questions are required to be answered. Any six

may be selected by the Candidate.]

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1. Name in regular order the counties that lie along the east coast of Britain, from the Pentland Firth to the Strait of Dover, with a town situated in each.

2. Draw from memory a rough map of any one of the counties of Great Britain or Ireland, showing merely its general shape, the direction of the rivers, and the places of a few of the principal towns.

3. In what counties are the Malvern Hills, the Mendip Hills, the Peak, Snowdon, the Wrekin, the Wolds, the South Downs, the Chiltern Hills, Dartmoor, the Ochill Hills, the Cotswolds, and the Pentland Hills ?

4. Make a list of the principal rivers of England and Wales, classified according to the seas into which they fall. Name a town that is situated on each.

5. In what counties are Wolverhampton, Ripón, Chesterfield, Halifax, Boston, Rochester, Macclesfield, Aylesbury, Peterborough, Colchester, Lichfield, and Yeovil ? [Four of the number are cathedral cities : distinguish these by a mark (*).]

6. Name any six of the Lowland counties of Scotland ; also, any six Highland counties; with a town situated in each.

7. Write a brief account of the natural features of France, and particularly of its rivers.

8. Give some account of the Physical Geography of European Russia. What articles does that country furnish to commerce ?

9. To what portions of the European coast do the following places belong :-Ostend, Emden, Lubeck, Trieste, Riga, Hammerfest, Wismar, Barcelona, Ancona, Marsala, Saloniki, and Cadiz ?

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1. From six hundred and thirteen millions five hundred and nineteen, subtract six hundred and three thousand two hundred and forty. Give the answer both in figures and in words. Also, divide 2056200 by 354, and prove that your result is correct.

104-g 2. Find the sum of a hundred thousand farthings, ten thousand main fourpenny pieces, and a thousand half crowns.

1-33. Add together 6 fur. 21 poles 31 yds., 7 fur. 35 poles 41 yds., 5 fur. 12 poles 5 yds., and 3 fur. 17 poles 21 yds.; and reduce the result to inches.

4. Multiply £3. 188. 4.d. by 273; and divide 2374 cwt. 1 qr. 12 lbs. 12 oz. by 38. 5. Reduce to their simplest forms :

(i.) 21+5 of 1} of 7 +616

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8. If 7 bushels of wheat cost the same as 21 bushels of oats, and the price of 6 bushels of oats is 16s. 6d., how much must be given for 63 quarters of wheat ?

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9. A grocer purchases 84 lbs. of tea for £12. 58. At what price per lb. must he sell the tea to gain 15 per cent.? And what will be his gain per cent. if he sell it at the rate of 6 lbs. for a guinea ?


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