die of it. Now unto this lingering pain is This spiritual stinging compared: for these locusts are commanded of God, that they should not kill the very reprobates outright and at once, but torment' them with a lingering death for the space of five months, that is, five-hundred years: for fo long did the Pope continue in his height and pride, full-strength and vigour, and to long did the Pope and his clergy sting men with lingering and scorpion-like pain. 23:56 Therefore in those days fhall men seek

death and shall not find it, and shall de

fire to die, and death fhall fly from them, Rev. ix. 6."7 cm

!.:;-. ini This verse doth fhew, that all Papists being thus ftung and tormented in their confèiences with this lingering pain of Popith doctrine, shall with themselves out of the World, and buried quick, that they might be rid of their spiritual ftinging, and hellish torments which they had in theirconscience. For the Popish doctrine hath no found comfort in it, it leaveth men in desperation, in fickness, and upon their death-beds. For alas! what comfort can a poor distrefied conscience have in Popes' pardons; indulgences, maffés, dirges, merits, works, pilgrimages, purgatory, crosses, crucifixes, Agnus Dei's, and such like trash and trumpeiy! These, alas, are too weak remedies,

for any spiritual diseases: they are not fuf. ficient to procure pardon at God's hand for any fin. Alas, the poor blind Papists did know and feel that they were vile fins ners: they knew they must come to judg. ment: they knew that the reward of sin was death, even the second death: they knew all this full well, and therefore had horrible convulsions in their consciences, and knew not how to wind out of them. For the do&rine of free justification in the blood of Christ, was hid from them, they knew it-not: and therefore all assurance of God's favour, all peace of conscience, and all joy in the Holy Ghost was utterly taken from them; and therefore many of them died in a most desperate and uncomfortable manner. And for this caufe it is here said, that they fought death, and desired to be rid out of the world one way or another: for a tormented conscience who can bear it? it is a kind of hell tormentosa

And the form of the locufts was like *unto horses prepared unto battle, and on

their heads were as it were crowns like sunto gold, and their faces were like the *faces of men, And they had hair as the • hair of women: and their teeth were as • the teeth of lions, Rev. ix. 7, 8. : Hithertó we have heard of the pedigree and poisoned {tings of these vile locusts, and how they vexed the inhabitants of the earth all the time of the great Antichrift. Now we are to understand of their form and likeness: for the Spirit of God doth here point them out in their colours, that all men may discern them, and beware of thein. ???sy 2009,

r . 1. First, It is said that they were like unto horses prepared unto battle: that is, they were as strong and fierce as barred horses, to rush and run upon all such as should but once mite on mutteri against them, or their authority: moreover, they have crowns of gold upon their heads, which sheweth and fignifieh, that they were the conquerors of the earth, and lords of the world, and who but they? For in those days no man, Aay, no lord or king durft speak against a monk, a friars, or a piled priest: for if any did, they were sure to smart for it. They had also faces like the faces of men; that is, they set fair faces upon matters, and pretended great devotion in religion, Hattering the people, and making them believe that they could give them pardon of ali their fins, and bring them to heaven, when as in very truth, for their bellies, and for their gain, they did cunningly finooth with the nobles, the rich and the mighty, setting fair faces upon their proceedings; and as St. Peter faith, Through covetousness with feigned words, they made mere

chandize of men's fouls, 2 Pet. ii. 3. and did closely wind themselves into the hearts of the simple people, by their fawn. ing insinuations, being in very deed most notable flatterers and hypocrites. They had hair as the hair of women, that is, they were altogether effeminate, being give en to delicacy, lust and wantonness; they were drowned in whoredom and all kind of beastliness, being a fhoal of the most file thy villanies. Their teeth were as the

teeth of lions, to catch and snatch at all they could come by. "They devoured all. the fat morsels every where, they got the church livings into their hands: they first made impropriations: they encroached up on temporal mens lands: they swallowed up all every where. If we look unto the abeys, priories, and nunneries, we may easily judge what' teeth they had. More over, it is said they had habergions, like to the habergions of iron; that is, they were so strongly armed with the defence and countenance of the Pope, that no fé. cular power durft once speak against thent, Their wings were like the found of chariots, when many horses run unto battle, that is, with flattering noise and terrible threatenings, they strove tớ uphold their kingdom. Also in cłurches and pulpits,. they make a roaring noise, and take on terribly to maintain their abominable idolatry,

they had tails like unto scorpions; and there were stings in their tails. For with their poisoned doctrine and stinging authority, like adders and snakes they ftung many to death. Moreover, power was given them to hurt men five months, that is all the time of Antichrist's reign, as be. fore hath been shewed.

"They have a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whofe

name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in • Greek he is named Apollyon, that is, destroying,' Rev. ix. 10, 11. .

As the fowls Have a king over them, which is the eagle; and the beasts, the lion, and mortal men, fome chief governor, under whose protection and subjection they live: so here these hellish locusts, are faid to have a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, that is, the devil or the Pope, under whose ensign they fight, - and under whose defence they live. Their king's name in Hebrew is called Abaddon, and in Greek Apollyon. The words are both of one signification, that is, destroying: for both the devil himself, and his vicar the Pope, are destroyers and wasters of the church of God.

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