. One wo'is past, and behold yet two "woes come after this.' Rev. ix. 12.'

We have heard at large what this first wo is, namely, the plague of the world, by the Pope and his clergy. Now we are to hear of the second wo, which is the most huge and murdering army of the Turks: wherein the third part of men were fain. Some do expound this second wo of the kingdom of Antichrist and his armies; but that it is not so, may appear by thefe reasons following:

First, The angel denouncing wo, wo,wo, denounceth three several woes, and there. fore it is said: " One wo is past, and behold.

yet two woés come after this.' It follow.. eth then that this is a diftinct and several wo from the former and therefore cannot

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be the same. This wo coa third par

Secondly, This wo containeth specially a bodily Naughter of the third part of the world, and of the wicked teprobates: but the first wo was specially a plague of mens fouls, as we have heard, and therefore this cannot be the same with the first. 1

Thirdly, We are to understand, that this book defcribeth all the greatest calamities and plagues that nould come upon the . world in any age after Christ, and therefore we may jusly think, that the kingdom of the Turks is not left out, seeing it was on

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of the greatest plagues that ever came upon the world. But the kingdom of the Turks is described in no other part of this revela, tion, and therefore must of neceflity be here described.

Then the fixth angel blew the trumpet, and I heard a voice from the four corners • of the golden altar, which is befcre God.' Rev. ix. 13. ..

Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, loose the four angels which

are bound in the great river Euphrates.', Rev. ix. 14..,

Now, we are come to the description of the second wo, which followeth upon the blowing of the sixth trunpet by the sixth angel. And first of all he faith, 'He heard sa voice from the four corners of the goldsen altar.' By the golden altar, is meant Christ as before hath been shewed, with the reasons thereof. From this altar the voice cometh to the angel which blew the fixth trumpet,' Rev. viii. 3. that we might know it is the voice of the mighty God, and the commandment of our Lord Jesus. The voice commandeth the sixth angel to loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. By these four angels, which are thus bound at Eu. plirates, is meant many devils and angels of darkness, as we have heard before,

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Rev. vii, 1. Their binding signifieth their restraint, by which they were held back from doing that mischief which they desired to do. Their loosing fignifieth, that power was given them to perform that which they wished. :

They are faid to be four in number, because they should raise an horrible plague in the four corners of the earth, both east, west, north, and south. The sense is, that the devils have yet farther and greater scope given them to plague and destroy the in. habitants of the earth. These devils had exceeding great power in the kingdom of Antichrist, but they are unsatiable in mischief, and so after a fort lie still bound till they have their desire. The place where they lie bound, is Euphrates, wherein is a mystery: for Euphrates literally taken, is a great river, which ran fo nigh the city Babylon in Chaldea, that it was a mighty defence unto it, so that the city could not be taken, until they that laid siege unto it, cut out trenches, and derived the waters another way. Now for the mystery, it is this: Romie in this book is called Babylon, by a metaphor, and after the fame manner, the great river Euphrates, as we shall fee afterward, chap. xvi. fignifieth the power, wealth, and authority which that city Rome, even this western Babel, hath to

defend itself. Then it followeth, that in this power, authority and strength of Rome, the devils lie bound, for they waited through the power of Rome, to work yet far greater inischief, and therefore are said to be bound, so long as they were restrained. The mischief which they plotted and purposed to bring to pass by the authority and power of Rome, was the hatching and bringing forth of the Mahometish religion, which in very deed did spring from the darkness of Rome, as from his proper root and original cause. * The devils did foresee, that out of the superstitions and idolatries of Rome, defended by their great power and authority, Mahometiih religion, might very well be framed, and therefore not being content to plague the west part of the world with popery and idolatry, they do greedily defire allo to plague the East part of the world with the falle religion of Mahomet. They are not satisfied with plaguing and poisoning all Europe with abominable idolatries, except also they plague and infect all Alia and Africa with the Turks most execrable religion: so, infatiable are the devils in working mischief, Now in the mean time they think themselves too much straitened, bound and tied up in Rome and Romish Teligion, except they may be loosed; and,


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proceed further to overspread the whole world with all impieties, and horrible abominations. A man would think that when the devil had prevailed so far, aś to place Antichrist in his cursed chair, and to breed the swarms of locufts out of the smoke of hell, they might have been fatisfied: for then, as we say, hell seemed to be broke loose. But yet all this cannot satisfy the unsatiable devil, but they will have the religion of Mahomet established to poison and plague all the East parts of the world in their souls; and also they will have the most huge, cruel, and savage armies of the Turks raised up, to murder and mafsacre millions of men in their bodies, in the West part of the world; as presently we shall hear. Now till all this be effected, they are said to lie bound at Rome. But here we fee, that this fixth angel hath a précise commandment from Jesus Christ, to loose these devils which lay bound at the great river Euphrates, that they might plague the whole world far and near, at their pleasure: so now all the devils of hell are let loose, and let us hear what followeth.

"And the four · angels were loosed, < which were prepared at an hour, at a $ day, at a month, and at a year, to flay the third part of men.' Rev. ix. 15 Now the devils being loosed and unbound

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