-:'tain, and shewed me that great city, that

holy Jerusalem, descending out of hea.: ven from God, having the glory of God,

is and her shining was like unto a stone . .. most precious, as a jasper stone, clear as ? cryftal,' Rev. xxi. 9, 10, 11.

Here one of the angel's mentioned in the fixteenth chapter, which had a vial full of God's wrath, talketh with St. John, and telleth him, that he will shew him the

bride the Lamb's wife;' that is, the tri

umphant church in her glorified estate, bew ing united and married unto Christ in the

kingdom of glory. And therefore St. John faith, that this angel carried him away in

the spirit to a great and high mountain,

and thewed him that great city, that holy 4. • Jerusalem,' &c. * We read in the seventeenth chapter, that

swhen this angel thewed John the whore of - Babylon, he carried him away into the

en wilderness in the spirit:' because the ...whore of Babylon should make the church

barrén and defolate, as the wilderness. But now that he is to fhew hin the spouse of

Christ in her glory, and to defcribe the · everlasting Jerusalem, he carrieth him in ... the fpirit unto a very high mountain,'

that he might take a sight of it, as Moses was carried up to the top of mount Nebo, that from thence he might take a view of the holy land. Which teacheth, that none can take a right view of heaven and heaven. ly things, but only fuch as fly an high pitch, and mount far above this earth in holy affections, and heavenly contemplation.

Moreover, St. John telleth us, that as soon as he took a sight of this new Jerusalem (far passing all Sinai's fights) forthwith he fpied in it the very glory of God.' If he had said, he had spied the glory of an angel, it had been more: but that he saw.. the very glory of God, it is moft of all.. For who can conceive or express what the glory of God is, being infinite! The appItle faith, that God dwelleth in inacceslit

ble light,' or such light as none can approach unto. : ;

Then this is one word for all touching the beauty and fuper-excellency of the new Jerusalem, that it comprehendeth in it the very glory of God: but yet for amplifications fake, it is compared to a jasper stone, for never-fading greenness: and to a erystal stone, for bright shining and glittering forever.

And had a great wall and high, and had twelvegates, and at thegates twelve angels, .. and the names written, which are thetwelve • tribes of the children of Israel. Onthe easta fide there were three gates, and on the north-side three gates, on the south-side

three gates, and on the west-side three • gates. And the wall of the city had twelve • foundations, and in them the names of

the Lamb's twelve apostles,' Rev, xxi. 12, 13, 14.

Now St. John proceeds to the description of the wall and gates of this great city, This we all know, that a ftrong wall serv. eth for the defence and safety of a city, and for the security of such as dwell in it: for if it be so high that none can scale it, and fo thick that none can batter it, then it is indeed impregnable, and the citizens in great fecurity; but the wall of heaven is so high, as none can scale it, as it is fet down in this twelfth verse; and fo thick, that no double cannon can pierce it, as appeareth in the seventeenth verse, therefore all the inhabitants of this new Jerusalem are out of all fear of danger. -. Moreover, this city hath twelve gates, to signify an hard access for enemies to break in; and an easy passage for the citizens themselves to go in and out: and at those twelve-gates twelve angels, at every gate an angel, as it were a porter, to see that none be let in but the true citizens, and free denizens, and such as have to do there, which are here named to be the twelve tribes of Israel, that is, all the elect of God, both of the Jews and Gentiles.

Moreover, it is said, that there were three gates on every side of the city, both • east, west, north and south,' to note, that out of all quarters of the earth the redeem- .. ed should be gathered; and as our Saviour faith, “Many fhall come from the east; i and the west, the north, and south, and • sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.:

in the kingdom of God,' Matth. viii. ita So that it is not material what country or nation a man is of, whether English, Scotch, French, or Spanish, so he be a believer; for then he shall be sure to be let in at one gate or another, either at the cast gate, or the west gate, the north gate, or the south gate. Moreover, the wall of the city hath twelve foundations; that is to say, it is surely founded: And in every gate the name of an apostle, so that all the gates had the names of the Lamb's twelve apostles, to fignify that the ground and foundation of this city is laid upon the doctrine of the (apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ him. * self being the chief corner-stone, Eph. ii. 20.

* And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city withal, cand the gates thereof, and the wall there. 6 of. And the city lay four-square, and

the length is as large as the breadth of • it; and he measured the city with the

which takt. John's, Rev. Jure of my

reed, twelve thousand furlongs, and the • length, and the breadth, and the height of it are equal. And he measured the

waM thereof, a hundred and forty and “four cubits, by the measure of man, that is, of the angels. Rev. xxi. 15, 16, 17.

Now St. John telleth us, that the angel which talked with him had a golden reed,

to measure both the city, and the gates, and the walls thereof. Meafuring with reeds was a thing of great use in ancient time, as we read in the prophecy of Ezekiel and Zechariah, and as we have heard in the eleventh chapter. But because all things belonging to this celestial Jerusalem are super-excellent and glorious; therefore the very measuring rod and reed is of pure gold. This great and glorious city is aid to ly four-square, to note unto us, that it standeth fast and unmoveable; for round things are easily rolled and moved this way or that way, hither and thither: but square things are not apt to roll or move. This everlasting Jerusalem therefore lieth four-square, because it can never be moved, but ftandeth fast for ever; as the apostle faith, “Seeing we receive a king• dom which cannot be shaken, let us have

grace whereby we may so serve God, that we may please him with reverence and fear,' Heb. xii. 28.

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