would furnish the same feast, bring in my dish among them. Or as one that in the same cause would come in as a third or a fourth witness to testify and confirm the same thing. And verily through the gracious assistance of God's Spirit, my simple purpose and endeavour is to give a lift to the uttermost of my power, to further that which is already happily begun, and to provoke others of greater gifts, to come after with their great lights and lanthorns in their hands, to descry and discover what. foever in this prophefy is not yet fully seen into. I am not ignorant that some would not have this book meddled withal, nor in any wise to be expounded among the common people, because (say they) it is so dark and hard to understand. But let all fuch leave their own opinions, and hearken what the Holy Ghost faith, Blessed is he

that readeth, and they that hear the words

of this prophesy,' &c. What can be said more? or more effectually to stir us up to hear and read, and with all gladness to embrace this book, than to tell us, that in so doing we shall be blessed? For the things contained in this book, be no trifles: they be not things only for a fhew to move wonderment, or to delight the curious mind of men, but such as indeed do give Erue blessedness unto all those that are well


instructed in them. What thing is greater, than to be blefied forevermore? If we be not exceeding dull, yea, even like stocks and stones, it must needs move us and stir us up. For who will wittingly and willingly lose his own blessedness, or suffer it to be taken from him, when as he may have it? If any will object that a man may be bleffed well enough without the knowledge of this book, and that there be books enough in the scripture, to procure our blessedness without this. And that thoufands are now in heaven, which never knew what this book meant: I answer, that all this doth not take away the necessary use of this book: for the Holy Ghost doth, pronounce a blessing upon theheads of those that read and study this book, not because a man cannot be saved without it: but because of tlie great comfort which it ministereth unto us of this age, and hath ministered unto all the churches fince the apostles times. For it is the prophecy of this age, and the prophecy of all the ages, fince Christ, wherein is fully shewed what fhall be the estate and condition of the church in the several ages thereof; unto the end of the world. For God according to his admirable wisdom and mer. cy, hath never from the beginning left his church without a prophecy, for the great : the captive by his fer

comfort thereof. For we know that immediately after the fall of our first parents, God, himself, for the great comfort of his church, did foretell and fore-prophecy long before of that restoration which should be made by the Meffiah his Son, according as it came to pass in the fulness of time.-Afterward he did foretel his people of Ilrael, of their great servitude, and intolerable bondage in Egypt, and also of the end and full determination therefore, after four hundred and thirty years, Gen. iii. xv.After all this, he foretold by his fervants the prophets of the captivity in Babylon, and the full expiration thereof at the end of leventy years, Jer. xxv. And yet further, for the comfort and consolation of his people, he fore-told by Daniel and rzekiel,

the great afflictions and troubles which his church fhould endure by the perfeci. tions of the divided Greek empire; Dan.rii. Ezek.xxxi. (I mean, Alexander's posterity, especially the kings of Egypt, and Syria, which descended of Ptolomeus and Selcule cus, whom the scriptures calleth the kings of the North, and of the Seuth) by the space Op 194 years, and of the precise determinaHon thereof at the coming of the Messiah. Dan. chapters viii. ix. xi. Lo then what Care God hath had of his church in all ages before the coming of his Son in the flesh,

De full

so as to foretel both of the affliction itself, and also of the just period and determination thereof. And shall we not think that God hath the like care now for his church, which then he had: or hath he ifot as great and provident care for the good of his church since the promised M&fliah was actually exhibited as before? Yes assuredly, and much inore too: for if his care and providence was so great for his church, bez ing in her wardship and minority, then much more now being come to her ripeness, and full age. If then it was lefs glorious, then much more now, being far more glorious. Therefore now unto us he foretelleth by his servant John, what shall be the estate of the church unto the end of the world; and therefore, "Blessed is he

that heareth and readeth this book:' since it foretelleth of the churches affliction in this age by the whore of Babylon, and of the full end and determination thereof. It Theweth justly and precisely what thechurch hath suffered since the apostles time in several ages, and what it shall suffer; and also how all the enemies thereof shall shortly be troden under foot. What can be more joyful or comfortable to all the people of God, than to know aforehand that Babylon shall fall: Rome shall fall down, Antichrist the great persecutor of the church shall be. utterly confounded and consumed in this ' world, notwithstanding all plots and poli

cies, crafts and devices to the contrary; notwithstanding all forces and armies, cunningly contrived and raised up against the church by feminary Priests, Jesuits, Pope, Cardinal and king of Spain? For all these in this age do very busily beftir them, and ransack all corners of their wits to repair the ruins of Rome, and to make up the breaches which are made in the walls of Babylon their great city. But alas! all in vain, for it shall fall: It shall fall, it shall das Dagon before the presence of the ark, do what they can, spite of their hearts, maugre their beards, it shall without all hope of recovery: For hath the Lord {poken it, and shall it not come to pass? or any word of his ever fall to the ground? Sincetherefore the Jesuits and secular Priests do so frisk about, and croak in every corner, as greatly fearing the fall of their Ba. bylon, and the drying up of their Euphrates, it stands us all in hand to be as resolute for Christ, as they are for Antichrist: and as studious to uphold the kingdom of God, as they are to uphold the kingdom of the devil. And for this purpose it is very requisite and nécessary, that all the Lord's people should be acquainted with this book, and armed against them with


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