Home Sketches and Foreign Recollections, Volum 2

Saunders and Otley, 1841
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Side 111 - Nature never did betray The heart that loved her; 'tis her privilege Through all the years of this our life, to lead From joy to joy: for she can so inform The mind that is within us, so impress With quietness and beauty, and so feed With lofty thoughts, that neither evil tongues, Rash judgments, nor the sneers of selfish men, Nor greetings where no kindness is, nor all The dreary intercourse of daily life, Shall e'er prevail against us, or disturb Our cheerful faith that all which we behold Is full...
Side 18 - Era già l'ora che volge il disio ai naviganti, e intenerisce il core lo dì ch'han detto ai dolci amici addio; e che lo nuovo peregrin d'amore punge, se ode squilla di lontano che paia il giorno pianger che si muore.
Side 273 - We shall never learn to feel and respect our real calling and destiny, unless we have taught ourselves to consider everything as moonshine, compared with the education of the heart.
Side 55 - Stood at her door ; and, like a sorceress, flung Her dazzling spell. Subtle she was, and rich, Rich in a hidden pearl of heavenly light, Her daughter's beauty; and too well she knew Its virtue ! Patiently she stood and watched...
Side 31 - La vita fugge e non s' arresta un' ora, E la morte vien dietro a gran giornate, E le cose presenti e le passate -i Mi danno guerra, e le future ancora; E '1 rimembrare e 1' aspettar m' accora Or quinci or quindi si, che 'n veritate, Se non eh' i' ho di me stesso piotate, 8 I' sarei già di questi pensier fora. Tornami avanti s...
Side 191 - Truth, the" authentic record runs : — " Know, all ; know, infidels, — unapt to know ! 505 'T is immortality your nature solves ; T is immortality deciphers man, And opens all the mysteries of his make. Without it, half his instincts are a riddle ; Without it, all his virtues are a dream.
Side 272 - of a giant spending his strength in cracking nuts. I would rather go to render up my account at the last day, carrying with me ' The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain,' than bearing the load of all those volumes, full as they are of genius.
Side 6 - The latter are boiled by steam ; and a prayer is said by the monks just before they are turned out of the huge boiler, and carried in wooden bowls to the refectory. We also visited their dairy, where they make the best butter in the neighbourhood, by a peculiar method, in which the hand is not used. The dormitory is fitted up with a number of wooden boxes on both sides. Each box is open at the top, and contains the small bed and a crucifix, and just room enough for the brother to dress and perform...
Side 191 - His very crimes attest his dignity ; " His sateless thirst of pleasure, gold, and fame, " Declares him born for blessings infinite : ** What less than infinite, makes unabsurd " Passions, which all on earth but more inflames ? " Fierce passions, so mismeasure.d to this scene, " Stretch'd out, like eagles...
Side 272 - of a giant spending his strength cracking nuts. ' I would rather go to render up my account, at the last day, carrying with me ' the Shepherd of Salisbury Plain,' than bearing the load of all these volumes, full as they are of genius.

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